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Timothee Chalamet's Full Circle Moment

Timothee Chalamet has quickly become one of Hollywood's most impactful and successful actors through his careful consideration of his choice of roles and his ability to succeed expectations. Despite his young age, Chalamet’s charm, incredible range, and dedication have put Chalamet on the map as an A-list actor. The best way to show his talent is to see his range first hand, from acting as a teen cannibal in the movie “Bones and All” to portraying a young, innocent, bisexual boy in the coming of age movie “Call Me By Your Name”, Chalamet’s skill runs deep.

Timothee Chalamet, born on December 27, 1995, in New York City, USA, is the son of an NYC Broadway dancer and French journalist, making Timothee a fluent French-American actor. The young actor had his big break into the world of Hollywood with his performance as Elio Perlman in the 2017 Luca Guadagnino-directed film called “Call Me By Your Name.” Chalamet has since worked with renowned directors such as Greta Gerwig, Wes Anderson, and Denis Villeneuve and starred in various films, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Some of his notable movies include "Lady Bird" (2017), "Beautiful Boy" (2018), "Little Women" (2019), and "Dune" (2021). His most recent film being, “Bones and All,” was released late in 2022 and directed by the same director that gave him his breakout role.

Timothee Chalamet’s performance in “Bones and All” solidified his reputation as one of the best actors of this generation. Chalamet plays Lee, a supporting character to the main character Maren. The two are cannibals navigating the world together as they eventually fall in love. The movie is based around Maren trying to find her father to get answers on her condition. We see Maren evolve from a young woman burdened by her condition to a resilient survivor determined to find her place in the world, largely thanks to Lee (Chalamet).

Chalamet’s acting helps portray the themes of love and acceptance in a world that often rejects the unconventional throughout the film. Chalamet does an excellent job of portraying Lee’s tough exterior becoming softer and softer as he falls in love with Maren and shows her that he accepts her. Chalamet’s subtle acting is one of his greatest skills; the way he looks at Maren with dismissive eyes when they first meet, to holding his glances longer and longer, help to show the evolution of his character. Chalamet’s acting gives the monotone and mystifying character of Lee an extensive amount of depth as he peels back the layers of his character gradually but elegantly.

 “Call Me By Your Name” is another Chalamet triumph that gave him his spot in the A-listers club of Hollywood. As Elio Perlman, a young and introspective teenager exploring his sexuality, Chalamet captures the essence of a vulnerable and complex character, delivering a nuanced and captivating portrayal that has garnered critical acclaim. Chalamet’s acting as Elio in “Call Me By Your Name” differs a bit from his cannibal portrayal of Lee in “Bones and All.” Chalamet’s portrayal of Elio consists of a wide range of emotions, his execution of a confused, curious adolescent while having the passion and intensity of a first love is effortless.

Chalamets first big break in “Call Me By Your Name” and his most recent film “Bones and All” feels like a full circle moment as both films are directed by Luca Guadagnino and portray such different characters with similar acting. In both films, Chalamet immerses himself into his characters resulting in an authentic and natural delivery. In “Call Me By Your Name,” Chalamet’s authenticity gives the audience an opportunity to connect and relate to Elio. However, in “Bones and All,” although the audience may not be able to connect with the cannibal side of Lee (hopefully), the audience becomes more worried about what might happen to Lee and Maren rather than what they might do to others, thanks to Chalamet’s immersive acting. Chalamet’s extraordinary range of acting is also shown in his ability to connect to a variety of characters/actors and find chemistry with each. His ability to establish a strong rapport with his co-stars in both  “Call Me By Your Name” and “Bones and All”   contributes significantly to both films' overall impact, as their interactions form the heart and soul of the story. Marren and Oliver are completely different characters in two completely different movies. One being a female with an opposite personality, and the other being a male with a similar one, Chalamet finds a way to create genuine chemistry with both characters and portrays their love in two completely different but fitting ways.

Pierson Bileau, a senior film major at DePaul University, has spent a good amount of time studying Chalamet’s performances over the years. Her perspective provides a great backing to this review. “Chalamet has gone from being a small name in Hollywood to one of the largest due to his variety of roles. Honestly, I agree and disagree that he plays a different character in each of his films. I believe his range of acting is wide and changes effortlessly, but at the core, all of his characters are similar,” Bileu said.

This perspective was surprising to hear as most reviews, like Variety magazine’s, describe Chalamet as a universal actor. However, as Bileu elaborates by saying, “he is always a charming young adult, in love, and finding his way,” I began to agree.

Chalamet is one of this generation's largest names and most talented actors for many reasons. As his career progresses, his fan base, multiple Academy Awards, and humble reputation do as well.

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