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Ways To Stay Positive In The Midst Of A PANDEMIC

It's been more than a year, the world has been going through an unprecedented crisis- COVID19. With an increasing number of cases every day, we are facing the second wave of coronavirus and it is terrifying to see the current situation of our country. We have to take this seriously, we don't have an option to take this situation lightly. Every day the number of cases are rising with the increasing number of deaths. 

Even the most optimistic people among us, now find it difficult to be cheerful. However, a negative mind won't work in this kind of situation, being optimistic is the only solution that we have to maintain ourselves and our loved ones. It's good to focus on the positivities rather than looking at the negative side all the time. Here are some things you can do to remain calm.

First, it's important to keep you updated with all the information but don't do it too much. Adequate amount of information, not so much that you would start feeling depressed, instead of that you search more about the recoveries and the positive things that are going on as well, to keep your mind positive. 

Ensure that you have a healthy diet. Good food can make your mind and soul happy. Every day devote an hour to keep an intake of powerful, positive thoughts by doing meditation. Try to reflect on them and apply them in your life. Prepare a schedule of activities and stick to it as much as possible. Schedule an hour of physical exercise. It is good for your mind and obviously helps your body to keep active in these hard times. 

Apparently, no one can go out of their houses but try to maintain a good sense of humor by discussing cheerful stories with family and through phone calls with friends. It would help you and others as well. Watch the inspiring movies that take your mind off despondency and give you the much-needed impetus to go through the day's routine.

Remember that things could be much worse. So thanks for the good thing that you have. At least you have a family around you and friends to talk to. Be thankful for the enough financial resources that you have and so much more that you should be thankful for. This time will go, it is just a bad phase that we are facing now and it will vanish before you know it. Try to look on the positive side. 

It is time to develop the attitude of sharing, caring, and serving. Offer help to people in need. Share your wise thoughts and noble ideas with others. Just the thought of helping others brings a smile to your face and lifts your spirits. It's a moral duty to be kind to others because they are facing the same issues and even some are finding this situation perhaps more frustrating than you. 

Do all the things that you have always wanted to do because now is the time and you have plenty of it. Learn how to cook, draw, doodle, play an instrument, sewing anything you want. Cultivate a hidden talent, learn a language, master a course that will improve your skills at work. Study some religious books like Bhagwat Geeta or any book of your religion. 

At the end of the day write a journal and make sure that you mention 5 points for the things that you felt positive about whether it's just watering the plants, it is completely up to you and the activities which made you happy and positive. It will help dilute some of the negativity you may have absorbed through the day.




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