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What happens if all are private?

Why people are working?


We see people working every day. Their primary motivation for working is financial gain. Every day, people require money to buy food, clothes, pay rent, and purchase various other items. Money is now the central concept. However, the reality was that people were not only working for money; they were also working for the richer people who had a lot of money.

The government prints money, but due to another monopoly, the government is unable to keep that money flexible. People pay taxes both directly and indirectly by purchasing goods and services. People pay income tax as well, though the amount varies by country. 


"Hard work gives a decent amount of money" is it true?


What is the reality for working people?


Someone claims that hard work is required for humans who want to improve themselves. But, in reality, nothing is completed without knowledge. The richest person has money, so they hire a worker to complete their company's work in exchange for a monthly salary. Everything is fine now that the workers believe we will get the job.

But the reality is he is a worker of other who is a human in the world. They have the power to change your situation regarding termination, transfer, salary cut, etc. This is a problem of privatization.




Privatization means a non-government organization works for its own agenda or profit. They'll need workers for their companies' work. So they hire people who are ready to work for them based on their agreement on salary, terms, and conditions. Most of the private companies are try to improve their market level to reach peoples and get profits.

Imagine if a company was at the top of the market, which means they have the ability to change the market depending on their wishes. And they have a chance of doing something suspicious with their products or services. If anyone can raise a question against them from their company, it means they'll be terminated from their company and face some consequences in society, also because corporations have huge amounts of money compared with the average citizen.


The proverb is real that is "MONEY MAKES MANY THINGS".


The problem is that if private companies gain control of the market, they will almost certainly try to eliminate the existing competitors. They then play Monopoly at that location. Another issue is that corporations primarily assist other corporations rather than individuals.

In India, recently, atomic energy, space, defense, transport, and telecommunications, power, petroleum, coal, and other minerals, banking, insurance, and financial services were given to the private sector by the union government. 

The departments mentioned above are a good way to make money. If the government makes a profit, the people of that country benefit as well; however, if a private company makes a profit, it benefits only them. Privatization causes poverty and is prevalent among middle-class and lower-income citizens.


A Report:


 According to one report, between 3 lakh and 20.8 crore people are losing their jobs globally. This is a massive sum. They were fired and resigned for a variety of reasons, but the real and common one is that some other companies are trying to make a profit.

So they'll terminate the current employee who is paying a higher salary and recruit the employee who is ready for the low salary. This can make huge amount of profit. 

Google fired as many as 12,000 employees and the same was announced by CEO Sundar Pichai last month.

Twitter has reportedly laid off about 10 per cent of its remaining workforce, or at least 200 employees, on Saturday night. The move comes as part of Elon Musk's ongoing effort to reduce costs since acquiring the social media platform in October.

Meta laid off more than 11,000 of its employees in one fell swoop. This decision impacted many. One such Meta employee from India has shared his plight after getting fired in just two days of joining Meta.


This is a corporate!.


Author opinion: Real needs


A human's essential needs are food, clothes, sleep, and shelter. Now people are able to live without food for a day, but they can't live without mobile phones and money. People are mainly brainwashed by the cinema, which shows that a luxurious life is mandatory for everybody. They say that's their right.

They'll adopt the money-moving society of buying luxurious things and selling their products for money. 

Humans are on this earth; we have the responsibility to hand over this earth to our next generation. Situations are not like that. A report claims that 75% of the lands on our planet are degraded. Air are polluted in mostly. Resources are used heavily. because of industrial politics world-wide. Factories use Earth's resources for their own profit. Earth is a common property that no one has the right to damage.


"Twenty percent of the world population used 80% of the world's resources."



If it continues next decade, we'll need two earths for world consumption. This is because humans use the most of the resources on Earth.


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