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why always womens are suffered?

  Being a woman is not easy ,  it is a race where everyday a new challenge knock the door.  In the early ages they were suffered from illetracy ,unemployement , dominating society  and many more problems like questioning why you want study ? As we live in 21th century  but in this era pepole  mindset are like 18th century this is all because of evils of society,   they think that a women is made for a housekeeper where they do work duty from 7-9 in morning  as well as evening . Women today eager to takeup proffesions and work but the society does'nt allow . In urban area womens educate , selfdependant and free but at their work place they face many  problem  like teasing ,taunting , sexual assulat , sexual abuse , gang rape . These are not digestable    when a women was raped society put up on questioning like that girl chartacter is not good they also  asking about their virginty , they dont think what she is facing . why always everyone says about unity  where was gone unity when a girl was raped.  why soceity doesn't  raise any voice against that?  they also suffered domestic voilence, dowry after marraige. "Women are great , they suffer they  get hurt the most but still the ocean of love in their heart never gets dried"                      

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