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Yet Another Student's Rant On 'Online Classes'

One year into this terrible pandemic and I shudder at the very name of online classes. Exaggeration unintended. Having been glued in the same sitting position , in front of our computer screens, can indeed have a detrimental effect on the young minds. And the strain on eyes and pain in the back is inevitable after all.

The dread to find the meeting link early morning for the online class knows no bounds. Even before the commencement of the daily classes, I'm looking forward to the early evening when they will get adjourned. Such a hate-love relationship has been developed with online classes, obviously minus the love.As a first year college student, I haven't had the opportunity to even see the university I'm attending in person.

First few months into it, I for once enjoyed human interaction no matter how much limited provided in form of these classes. Absorbing about 70% of what the teacher actually intended to inculcate, such efficiency was agreeable. But the monotonous and dullness was hard to escape and kicked in gradually, engulfing us all in its grim humdrum. This led the efficiency to crash down to a mere 30%-40%.

What then follows are the excuses for not making it to the classes and simply bunking them. And for those souls who are tormented by the attendance quota, turning off the audio of the classes and instead going about their normal daily life routine is the most plausible option.But beyond the surface level, it needs to be realized that these online classes have been reduced to a joke. A joke on our education; for months into this and majority of our peers are not even aware what all topics are even there in the syllabi.

Many students who really want to perform well in exams and keep up with their familial expectations (count me in) find themselves in this dilemma to attend or skip for one might not be missing out on a lot.Then, right before the exam season all the piled up syllabus comes down like a avalanche overwhelming the students and plunging many of them into depression and anxiety. And by any hook or by crook, one even manage to not flunk the exams, the end is not even close to. For this vicious cycle featuring torture, negligence, awakening, overburdening and salvation set to reiterate yet again.

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