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Environmental assessment of SpaceX’s starship rocket extended by US government, in Texas

It  was expressed by the inventor of SpaceX, Elon musk, with full confidence, on February 10, that it will happen the first time this year that his spaceship enters in earth orbit. SpaceX starship is specially planned for the trips of the moon and mars. 

On February 14, it was announced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that the timeline for completing an environmental study of SpaceX's proposed Starship spaceship and Super Heavy rocket programme in Boca Chica, Texas, had been extended until March 28.

February 28 was the previous target of FAA. It was highlighted by the NAA that evaluation of environmental consequences is not the only basis of granting the license, it has to pass the security and safety standards, and legal responsibility standards.

The NAA received more than 19000 comments on the proposal of evaluation of the environment. On this, it said that it works and collaborates with other agencies also.

The FAA is determining if the scheduled creation in Texas will have a massive environmental influence on the system - which included a neighboring wildlife sanctuary - and will need to conduct a much more thorough investigation before expanding operations at SpaceX's rocket manufacturing unit and spacecraft in Boca Chica.

When Musk was questioned about the state of the FAA decision, he answered, “We don't have a lot of information about the FAA's current situation. We've been given a suspicion that permission will be granted in March. But that's the extent of our knowledge."

Musk added that even in the harshest situation, SpaceX has a backup plan in case an entire environmental assessment remark is needed or legal battles over the matter drag on. He noted that this change will result in a six- to eight-month delay.

In any situation, SpaceX is still planning to undertake the world's first individual lunar trip in 2023, using a Starship to orbit around the moon and come back to earth.


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