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Hashem Al-Ghaili’s new creation for the future



From the beginning of human life, many things have changed from the way we live and grow the moment we are born on this earth. A single human can view to live a whole life in many ways. Often, it’s in the first, second, or third person, depending on however it’s referenced. The way humans are created and evolved has constantly been growing in a human’s body inside a mother’s womb. In exchange, science has advanced over the years as a new alternative to help human population grow in the world. Individuals from these generations new are the answer to a solution to a main global issue: the complications of offspring in women.


Innovative technology is what comes into play, created by science communicator and video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili. Al-Ghaili has found an alternative to how human growth will progress for many years to come and in the future. The creation of “Ecto-life, an artificial womb solution for couples that struggle to carry and adults to grow a family. Before this invention, many families had complications in conceiving offspring or health complications due to a miscarriage resulting in women not lasting to a full-term pregnancy. Many couples and married couples refer to other medical solutions like IVF or hormonal treatments to have a successful outcome for children. For those who cannot carry a child, consider a third choice, such as surrogacy or a surrogate, to take part in helping an infertile woman to start a growing family. Thinking as surrogacy does open opportunities, but in rare cases, some take advantage of couples to run away with a child or abuse money for carrying a child. The device “ecto-life” growth pod does bring some cons if it is not cautiously taken care of. It can possibly change the natural way of how children develop compared to growing in an amniotic sac in a human body.  


What is an artificial womb?


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In medical history, humans have evolved to grow inside a womb in a woman’s body. The future invention of an artificial womb is similar to how a child grows in a mother’s womb. You think to yourself, how are these babies created? Where are they sheltered? Medically, it consists of hormonal specimens from both a woman and a man, creating an embryo, similar to how obstetricians and gyno experts use for their patients to conceive a child. Instead of using I.V.F on a human, they use the same strategy to insert an embryo in a growth pod. Allowing couples access to keep a child in the comfort of their home in a worry-free and labor-free environment.The new system of I.V.F. or “in-vitro fertilization” was introduced in the 70s’, by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, changing lives of people and infertile women to have children. Doctors first do this before considering other alternatives for couples to conceive. Some are successful on the first try to create a child, and some are not, resulting in rounds of hormonal treatment or surrogacy.



Technically, women can see their child develop inside a growth pod physically and virtually, giving access to parents or parents-to-be to communicate with their child from the touch of their phone. Ecto-life can create awe and excitement for women who want to realize their dreams to be a mother. Thus, bringing a sense of hope and motive for infertile families and people with immune deficiencies. This gives humans an open window to restructure their genetics to live healthy and disease-free life from family diseases. The purpose of this invention has startled many questions for many young women and mothers in the social world. Medical physicians overlook this new concept as “the generation of bizarre and superhumans.”


In conclusion, the successful creator and science communicator is the new tool that humans around the globe hope to see and realize a better and brighter future. Engineers and tech creators are seeking interest to know the concept of this new invention and collaborate with the inventor for projects in the future Millions are already looking up to this new invention becoming a reality. Although, some despise fears it will bring to society from use of artificial intelligence and technology. The creation of building ecto-life is not only a human creation but a whole new game changer for developed countries around the globe. Al-Ghaili is now the most trending subject around the u.s. and around the media. Many of his projectes are available to view on his channel and plans creating projects in the future. 




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