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The Dragon Man. A New Relative to Homo Sapiens?


In a remarkable finding, scientists announced the discovery of a human skull in 2021 that could challenge our understanding of human evolutionary history. Named the Dragon Man, this skull, officially classified as Homo Longi, has the potential to reshape our perception of our closest relatives. Unearthed near the Dragon River in China, the Dragon Man's unique features have sparked controversy within the scientific community.

The Fascinating Fossil:


The intriguing history of the Dragon Man skull dates back to 1933, when a construction worker discovered it while working on a bridge in Harbin, China. Recognizing its significance, the worker hid the skull in a well due to the area being under Japanese authority. However, in 2018, before his passing, he revealed the skull's existence to his family, who eventually donated it to the GeoScience Museum of Hebei GEO University.

Revealing Characteristics:

Dubbed the Harbin Cranium due to its discovery in Harbin, the skull earned its nickname, Dragon Man, as it was found near the Long Jiang region. Estimated to be over 146,000 years old, the Dragon Man skull exhibits distinctive features, including a large head, prominent eyebrows, flat cheeks, a substantial mouth, a broad nose, and hooded eyes. These unique attributes set it apart from any known species, leading researchers to classify it as an entirely new species closely related to Homo sapiens.

A Comparative Study:

To determine the skull's place in the Homo or Hominin tree, researchers compared the Dragon Man to 54 other fossils. Astonishingly, they found striking similarities between the Dragon Man, the famous Denisovan jaw fossil discovered in the Tibetan plateau, and the Dali Man from China. Consequently, the researchers argue that these specimens belong to the same species. Some experts even suggest that the Dragon Man could be a Denisovan, owing to the resemblance in tooth arrangement among all these fossils.

The Scientific Conundrum:

The identification of the Dragon Man as a Denisovan has generated extensive discussions worldwide, particularly concerning its classification and the potential combination of Denisovan and Dali Man characteristics. If confirmed as a Denisovan, it would create significant confusion in the human family tree. Previously, Denisovan DNA analysis indicated that their closest relatives were Neanderthals. However, the Dragon Man skull demonstrates a closer genetic relationship to Homo sapiens than Neanderthals share with our species.


DNA Analysis and the Future:

The Dragon Man discovery highlights the critical role of technology and methods in classifying these species. Rather than relying solely on physical similarities, researchers now turn to DNA analysis for further insights. The anticipation surrounding the results of DNA examinations promises to deepen our understanding of this new species and its place in human evolution.



The Dragon Man skull, also known as Homo Longi, has captivated the scientific community with its potential to reshape our understanding of human evolution. Believed to be a close relative to Homo sapiens, it shares similarities with the Denisovans and the Dali Man. As researchers delve into DNA analysis, we await further revelations that will shed light on this newfound species and its significance in our complex evolutionary history.


(Artist’s Illustration) Image: Chuang Zhao.

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