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The magic of the second mind


We have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world. Miracles will happen to us too when we begin using the magic power of our subconscious mind. We may have heard that good things happen to good people. But be sure that those people worked for it badly and made it happen.

You have not, because you think not:

Whenever we want or are in need of a thing, our minds automatically take us to the conscious mind, where we store all the temporary things and the reality of life. What do we consider the reality of life? Nothing but failures, lack of money, and letting go of opinions. Have we ever thought of that other subconscious mind which is screaming inside us to allow it to change all those negative things? We all have a subconscious mind where all the permanent things are stored and from which miraculous things are made in our lives. 

When we keep on thinking that we were born as failures, I am not going to achieve anything in life, and all the reasons to stay away from victory. We can't possibly succeed. Because the thought keeps on informing us of our disability and it will stop us from moving ahead. We would have the will and strength to do great things, but just because our mind says it is beyond our ability, we stop doing that and let go of things. Some days later, we used to see the same thing being achieved by someone else. Even at that time, we think that they had those abilities, and they did it.

It can also be said in other words, like negative thoughts. If you don’t fight for what you need, you have no right to cry for it. Some people just let go of things which were not even possible for them. Their conscious minds always signal their discomfort and the negative things around them. It doesn’t mean that the conscious mind is set up like that; the things around us would be negative and failures, and our conscious mind always captures that and reminds us of that often.

Subconscious Magic:

If a man knows how to make magic with his subconscious mind, he will never give up on his life. There would always be a faith within him that would frighten him time and again. This is the key to the success of the most successful people. They have an understanding of the power of their subconscious mind.

If you consider your mind like a ship, your subconscious mind will work as the captain. If the ship sails in the direction of the captain, it will definitely reach its shore. However, if it focuses on the turmoil and storm on its way and sails with the direction of the wind, the ship will deviate from its intended course and end up in chaos. You are aware of what you are signalling to your captain. Put the positive notes into the subconscious mind. When you inform the captain of the destiny place, it will show the route correctly. The captain would always be there to reroute you to your destination, regardless of the turmoil or storm.

Likewise, be sure to feed your subconscious mind with positive thoughts. Make it a routine process. The subconscious mind saves the records of voices that have been spoken or thought of often. If you keep on feeding your mind with positive thoughts and victorious quotes, your body and mind will start to work in that way.

For example, as soon as we wake up from bed, we go to brush our teeth and freshen up. This will not be dictated by someone daily. It has become a routine part of our lives. It would get stored in our subconscious minds. When the time comes, it automatically alarms us to do those tasks.

In that same way, the positive thoughts that have been fed to our subconscious mind would change our thinking, body, and environment. Even when we get distracted or lose faith, our subconscious mind reminds us of our dream and pushes us ahead. It has the power to heal. Even if you have severe disease in your body, it can be cured even without medicine. When you keep on talking positively about your health and forget that you had that disease, your body begins to respond in a similar manner. It would sense the thoughts and heal the body miraculously. This has also been proven scientifically.

If we fall in love with someone, we go the extra mile to be with them. We would forget all our worries. Our faces and minds would be full of joy. When we met them, our illness would sometimes fly away. This is also an example that our mind is all that matters. If you give a normal ring to a spiritual person and say it is from a monk or priest, they will believe that it will work wonders. As per their faith, wonders would also happen. The wonder was not in the ring; it was in their faith and mind power. Their minds start dictating to them that they will be healed, and their prayers will be answered. The mind and body will start working together, and the result will be positive. This is the magic that the subconscious mind will bring out in us.

The subconscious power also works wonders in a natural way. If you were dreaming about something and believed it at any cost, surely it would reach your hands. It makes us go in search of that; it pushes us further, encourages us, and backs us up until we have it. If you love something and strive for it, it shows how badly you need it. The passion for it shows how badly you need it.

Our Mind, Our Destiny:

Our minds are the bridge to our destiny. The thoughts and messages we leave as stepping stones will determine which outcome we will achieve. It may be victory or failure. It depends on the thoughts that you are going to build. If you have a dream and you meditate on it daily, surely it will be yours one day.

The subconscious mind has the power to make natural and miraculous things happen in our lives, according to our thoughts. It can create and destroy.


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