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5G - Internet With Endless Possibilities

5G Will Change The World Around You

It is often said that “Change is the only constant”. Evolution is necessary in the process of growth and advancement, in our case; changes, evolutions & countless advancements have led us to where humans are today; “Living in the world of endless possibilities”. Be it using bullock carts for transportation to the concepts like “Hyperloop” today, using social media like Facebook, Instagram to create spine-chilling concepts of a virtual world like “Metaverse”. We have only leaped ahead. One such prominent & promising technological leap is “5G”.

You might have come across terms like 2G, 3G, 4G periodically while using the internet over the years, but what exactly is this 5G which everyone is talking about and hence very much concerned too? Before getting deeply engrossed in these most fascinating topics, we need to understand this internet revolution.

Left behind are those days when we were happy with 2GB of internet for a month while simultaneously turning off our mobile data & getting worried about data consumption. From basic 2G internet speed to advanced 3G, 4G data providing high-speed internet services and now the introduction of 5G internet having immense internet capabilities.

5G is the “fifth generation” of cellular network tech. This revolutionary tech has a much-improved network connection. 5G is capable of elevating the internet experience to daily internet users.

Right now, it is the earliest phase of implementation, network service providers have rolled out limited 5G availability to limited areas and plan to widen the availability by this year. Future predictions and analysis of available statistics suggest that there will be 1.9 million 5G subscriptions globally by 2024.

Now that we’re on some familiar ground in terms of the understanding of this technology, let’s look into the promising advantages 5G offers and also the possible downsides 5G is embedded with.

In terms of speed: 5G is faster than the older 2G/3G/4G generation. Probable speed up to 20-25 Gbps, The ease 5G promises; downloading movies, games, software in mere seconds. High-quality live video streaming capabilities, and the most trending topic of discussions on the internet “Metaverse” which will need strong, stable & fast internet speeds that 5G brings. People might even consider 5G as a trustworthy alternative for their workflows, businesses, etc to even Wifis.

In terms of high capacities: 5G will deliver more capacity than the previous 4G with even higher frequencies across a larger area coverage. Connecting an immense amount of internet-enabled devices will be seamless.

5G networks will have much lower latency than 4G. Due to this low latency, smart devices will be able to support new applications, software, heavy spec PC/ console games. Increased bandwidth will support both; fast connection and more devices and facilitate even more people to connect with the advanced internet. Supercars like Tesla could even advance & expand, going from a science fiction concept to an actual implemented reality.

Talking about the downsides of 5G:

The 5G network will have a very high battery consumption so manufacturers have to look into enhancing the battery capabilities in mobile devices. Users have also experienced 5G not only depleting battery life but also making their smartphone’s temperature rise.

5G implementation will require an advanced cyber security network. Hackers tend to find loopholes in new technologies, they will find loopholes to exploit this tech. Burning concerns with increased connectivity and speed cybercriminals could easily breach & access our data and privacy bubble. One of the controversial topics is; If a hacker has access to a particular software they could potentially control the entire web of networks.

5G will not travel farther as compared to 4G and there are possibilities of skyscraping buildings blocking the high-frequency network. So to deliver the desired speed, many 5G towers must be installed for good coverage, which is inefficient and impractical.

So in the end, 5G surely has some promising and life-changing capabilities but at the same time, it has to be efficient, effective, problem-solving, and more practical in terms of real-world implementation.

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