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Artificial Intelligence: will it serve you or be your undoing?

The simulation of human intelligence in computers designed to think and work like humans is referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can learn from experience, make decisions, and do jobs that would normally need human intelligence.

AI has aided social digitization by allowing us to collect, analyze, and analyze huge amounts of data at a faster rate than ever before. This has resulted in the development of new technology, improved business processes, and increased efficiency across a wide range of industries. 


We can use AI to quickly process and analyze massive amounts of data, making it easier to identify and access the information we require. In recent years, the usage of AI in smartphone technology has developed fast.


AI has the potential to improve our lives, but it also has the potential to make them worse.

Artificial intelligence can greatly improve workplace efficiencies and supplement the work that humans can do. When artificial intelligence takes over tedious or dangerous work, it frees up human labour to focus on tasks that demand creativity and empathy, among other things.

According to Bernard Marr, the arrival of autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence (AI) affecting our traffic congestion concerns, not to mention the various ways it will increase on-the-job productivity, will gain our society countless hours of productivity. Humans will be able to spend their time in several various ways once they are free of stressful commutes.


Artificial Intelligence has the potential to significantly impact healthcare through improving monitoring and diagnostic skills. AI can cut operating expenses and save money by improving the operations of healthcare institutions and medical organizations.


AI has immense potential in education, and it is predicted to revolutionize the way we approach degree and certificate programs in the future. AI-powered technology can provide real-time feedback to students, assist them in staying on track with their studies, and deliver a more personalized and interesting learning experience.


AI can bring about a slew of positive improvements in society, such as increased production, better healthcare, and greater access to education.


However, according to Hyperight, AI will undoubtedly drive our workforce to develop. The alarmist headlines accentuate the loss of jobs to robots, but the real challenge for humans is to rediscover their passion through new duties that need their distinctively human qualities.

While there is discussion over how realistic this situation is, we do know that when new technology is introduced, there are usually unintended repercussions. The unintended consequences of artificial intelligence will very certainly pose a challenge to us all.


AI has made significant contributions to many aspects of our lives. Because of the large amount of data, it constantly collects and analyses with maximum speed, size, and automation. But where does all of this data originate from? 


Many everyday digital devices, from phones to smart home appliances, contain elements that render them open to AI data exploitation. Many people are unaware of the quantity of data their devices collect and exchange, making them more vulnerable to exploitation. 


Another danger arising from AI technology is the ability to identify, track, and monitor people in real-time. This means that people will not only be unable to use their gadgets in private but their movements will be traced at every step of the way. 


Today's world has a bittersweet sense concerning AI, and following the discussion above, I feel the same way.


My own experiences with artificial intelligence have been mixed. While it's simple to plan trips and ask inquiries, AI isn't always useful. It makes me lazy, and the solutions provided by AI are sometimes incorrect. After all, it is a man-made machine that only knows what it is taught!


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