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Safari 17: Unboxing the New Features and Unleashing Your Browsing Beast

Safari 17 has arrived, and how! It has come with a lot of pomp and an arsenal of amazing new features that are designed to transform your browsing experience. Hold on to your hats as we take you through uncharted territories to discover the hidden gems of Safari 17.

Please note that this latest version for Mac is available with macOS Sonoma. So, as soon as you upgrade your computer to Sonoma, you can enjoy the benefits of Safari 17. Also, you can download Safari 17 for macOS Monterey and Ventura separately.

Without further ado, let’s look at the new features.


The profile feature on Safari allows users to set up separate browsing sessions according to topics. For instance, you can create a Work profile for all the websites you use for your work. You can also create a Personal profile for all the websites you use during your free time.

If you want, you can get more specific with the profiles. For example, you can create a profile for your hobbies, play games, or make travel plans.

Web Apps

With Safari 17, Mac users can finally catch up with Safari for iPadOS and iOS. Web Apps are a feature that already exists in iOS and iPadOS but is missing on Mac.

This feature is basically a website that is saved as a self-contained application on the Dock. When you need to launch it, simply click on its icon in the Dock.

Enhancements to Private Browsing

Private browsing on Safari means surfing on a private window that does not save the details of your session. It also does not share the details of your session with other Apple devices. This feature has been a part of Safari for a long time. With Safari 17, you can enjoy a few more enhancements.

  • Locked private browsing: You can lock the private window when you are not using it or stepping away from your computer. This will hide all the contents. To open a locked private window, you must enter the password.

  • Advanced fingerprinting and tracking protection: This prevents known trackers from identifying your device and from loading on pages. You can adjust this setting in Safari > Settings > Advanced > check the box next to Use advanced tracking and fingerprinting protection.

  • Link tracking protection: Trackers are often used by websites in their links. But if you are browsing in a private window, the trackers will be removed.

  • Extensions are disabled by default: In private browsing, extensions are disabled by default. However, you can change the settings if required.

Revamped Reading List

You no longer need to bookmark galaxies of articles and then find yourself drowning in the black hole. Thanks to the revamped Reading List, you can use it as a Desktop Widget. Therefore, the Reading List will appear on your Mac’s desktop and offer you immediate access to your saved websites and other treasures.

Intelligent Search Suggestions

Say goodbye to search struggles because Safari 17 introduced intelligent search suggestions. The browser will learn of your search patterns through your browsing habits and then ensure you get focused search results. The suggestions will appear on the search bar even before you finish typing. This will save you lots of time and effort. Moreover, this comes in handy when you don’t remember what you are searching for but only remember a few bits and pieces. If you have searched for the same information before, Safari will help by completing your search query with its smart suggestions.

Redesigned Developer Menu

Safari 17 is not only for casual Internet surfers. It is also a playground for seasoned and beginner developers. The Develop menu has been redesigned to simplify application and device management. Also, the Responsive Design Mode gets a makeover so you can enjoy better visual control over your web creations. If you are pushing the boundaries for web experiences, you will get support for visionOS and tvOS.

Bonus Features:

  • You don’t have to struggle with password management anymore because Safari is now equipped with the Shared Passwords feature. You can share your passwords securely with your trusted family members so they can access the websites using your credentials.

  • Live Text recognition is extended to videos, so you can easily extract text from any video with a single click.

  • You can enjoy enhanced accessibility features like console log timestamps and font variation editing. This makes the Internet even more user-friendly and inclusive.

Summing Up

Safari 17 is all set to transform browsing from a passive activity to an act of self-expression. So, if it is your quest to master the digital realm, unleash Safari’s hidden features and explore uncharted territories. Upgrade to macOS Sonoma if your computer is compatible, or install Safari 17 separately to make the Internet your personal playground.

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