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The Metaverse of Marriage

The Metaverse of Marriage 

As the Indian government announces a lockdown to handle the 3rd wave of covid, a lot of couples with fixed wedding dates are facing the problem of finding a venue and altering their guest list to accommodate only 100 people. To celebrate their wedding amidst the ongoing covid pandemic with the same enthusiasm and without having to exclude any friend or relative from the guest list, a couple from Chennai has come up with a great idea to hold their wedding reception in the metaverse.

IIT Madras project manager Dinesh SP and his fiancé Janaganandhini Ramaswamy are set to hold their metaverse reception on February 6, 2022. They are the first Indian couple to hold a virtual wedding reception ceremony. While the wedding itself will be held in traditional south Indian manner in their village Sivalingapuram with a limited number of guests mostly comprising of close relatives, the couple has decided to hold the reception in a Hogwarts-themed metaverse setting where they can invite as many guests and friends as they like. The guest list stands at 2500 now.

For the uninitiated, Metaverse is a virtual realm, almost like a digital parallel universe, involving technologies like Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and blockchain. All these elements together create a rich interactive network where users can interact with each other.

Think of it like the movie “Free guy” or “Ready Player One” or “The Matrix”; where users live a virtual life in-game and have their own house, pets, accessories, etc. the virtual world has its own currency, usually supported by blockchain technology. People can be neighbors in the metaverse while being situated on different continents in the real world. Such is the beauty of metaverse technology.

On being asked, how they came up with the idea, Dinesh SP said “One fine day, I came across a video about Metaverse on YouTube. I thought why can’t we do an event in Metaverse? I know the future is big in Metaverse. Now, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and a lot more are investing in Metaverse. So, I thought by conducting an event, everyone in India will know about the technology. We can work on a start-up and develop it.”  

Dinesh and his Fiancé are huge Potterheads and decided to express their love for the wizarding world through their reception. They have decided to hold the reception in a virtual setting of the feast hall of Hogwarts, where Harry got sorted into Gryffindor in the first year. the couple said that as much as they love experimenting with new technology, they still value the traditions of their families. So, their Virtual avatars will be wearing traditional south Indian attire- saree and Veshti, even in the metaverse.

Dinesh mentions that Janaganandhini’s father who unfortunately passed away in April 2021 will also be present at the meta-reception. Dinesh has planned to create an avatar of Jana’s father who will attend their reception and bless them in the virtual realm. This is his wedding gift to her as he knows how close she was to her dad.

A Chennai-based start-up -TradiVerse is the brains behind making this idea a tangible project. The project, led by CEO Vignesh Selvaraj, is developed on the polygon technology blockchain. They have worked around the clock to ensure the quality and security of this project.

When asked how the reception will work, Dinesh says that the guests will receive an invitation before the event and only those who have the invitation can join the meta-reception. The meta-reception will consist of a gateway in the form of a blockchain wallet that requires a unique and secure login. Then, each user is free to select their own avatar, based on their looks, age, clothes, preferences, etc.

A Florida couple, Traci and Dave Gagnon were the first in the world to hold a virtual wedding ceremony in September last year. The couple met online and said that it only makes sense to do a wedding in the metaverse too. Their ceremony was designed by Virbela, a startup that builds virtual environments for schools, offices, or events.

This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for social interactions in the future. Job interviews, family gatherings, online convocations, all of these events can become all the more interesting and elevate the experience as opposed to just a zoom call 

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