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The Two Faces of Metaverse

Metaverse is a term made up of “meta” and “universe”.  The term stands for a universal virtual world, with similar actions to the real world.  It is possible to socialize and even invest with friends in this virtual environment.  Metaverse was first heard in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neil Stephenson, but the term came to the fore with the renaming of Facebook to Meta.

There can be many benefits for people in Metaverse. In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, online education has come into everyday life and Metaverse can have a significant positive impact on online education. Along with visual support, Metaverse can provide visual learning opportunities for students. In addition, Metaverse has the technology to improve the work environment. With VR glasses, people can attend meetings even if they are not physically at work.

With recent advances, the “real” human experience has become virtual and augmented reality.  However, technology does not always show its beneficial face.  Like most technological advances, Metaverse will root out its threat to humans.

There is a psychological side to this threat.  People will use their imagination to build a virtual life for themselves.  They will use avatars to represent themselves and hold business and friend meetings with avatars.  There will be a different coin that is unique to Metaverse.

However, regular exposure to such virtual worlds can be as addictive as video games.  Having everything in a virtual environment can cause people to lose their sense of reality.  As a result, this situation leads to some emotional and, ultimately, social problems.

Another drawback of Metaverse is personal security.  Since Metaverse will use excessive personal data of its users, there is a threat to the security of personal data.  How much personal data will be shared is also unclear.  Sharing personal information will ultimately lead to cybercrime.

Even on social media platforms, bullying and harassment cannot be prevented.  Even if there were some regulations to control these actions, it would probably be impossible to reduce them to zero on easily accessible 3D platforms.

Like most technological advances, Metaverse will have both positive and negative effects.  On such an accessible and unlimited platform, it may be impossible to resist all the bad actors.  By maximizing crime and personal data protection regulations, Metaverse will be a useful and entertaining place for all of us.  People should be encouraged to use it favorably.

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