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The unknown side of IT sector


In 2023, there will be around 62 million full-time employees in the global ICT sector. ICT stands for "information and communication technology." The net worth of the ICT sector is roughly around $5.2 trillion in the global market.

It can occupy the second position in the US GDP after the health care sector. The world population is around 7.9 billion, and of these, we have 62 million employees working in the IT sector. This is such a huge number.

How do corporates grow?

By using the share market, new arrivals of services and products, people's support, etc., there is a chance for the company's growth. These are one side; the other side is given below.

Corporate America is brainwashing the people that were working in a multi-national company, which is a symbol of superiority in the society. But the reality is he/she is working for the companies and not for himself/herself. 

A previous report says that Google can terminate 12,000 employees, Meta can terminate 11,000 employees, and Amazon announced that they were going to lay off 18,000 employees from their company. This is a huge number of layoffs among the tech giants.

They'll say the main reason for the termination of the employees was macroeconomic conditions that substantially impacted revenue growth.

Hard working employees?

Employees are working for the company by getting a salary. Somebody claims that the employees are getting paid, and that's why they'll work for the company. That's also true, but without that employee, no one company can reach a higher level. Mostly, companies push their workers to work over time for an average salary. Now a days, IT sector employees are getting a high salary compared with other sector workers.

At present, IT employees are facing too many burdens and work pressure from their higher officials or team leaders. It may lead to a lot of suicides because of the heavy workload.

Corporate America uses the employees' disadvantages as an advantage for them. They were using the employees to grow. Some employees are also not loyal to their companies; this is also a reason for the companies' monopoly. But in the majority of cases, employees are dominated by the higher authority for the work submission and work completion within the target timeframe.

Some companies are giving good wages and good respect for the employee but not all the companies are do like that.

Five Giants:

In the global market, we have four giants that rule the IT sector: Google, Meta, Apple, and Amazon. The net worth of the IT sector is $5.2 trillion on a global level. In these net worths, 3/4 of the tech industries are under the control of these four tech giants, who were generating billions of dollars at the time.

The shocking report says that around 70+ products and services are provided by Google, including Gmail, Android, Chrome, Google Meet, etc. Now the situation is that Google is the first one to control the IT sector on a global level.

Apple is a premium product in the tech and gadget industries. The net worth of the apple is $2.633 trillion. Their products are premium in cost and high in security. They created an Apple ecosystem for their products and gadgets to engage faster.

Microsoft is the world's second-largest company, as per the report. Its net worth will be almost $2.18 trillion in 2023. In world level, the Windows operating system was used by the people at high level.

Meta and Amazon are another two giants; they rule the tech industries on the global level. They recruit the people, and terminating the people depends upon their needs and requirements within the companies. But the works are not permanent; they will depend on their employees' work and the company's demands.

The arrival of AI:

Within one decade, AI goes to replace the humans jobs around a billions of numbers. Arrival of AI may lead to loss of jobs in the tech industries as well as the medical industries and some other industries. In global tech industries, 32% are in Asia, 35% are in North America, 22% are in Europe, 6% are in Latin America, and 5% are in Africa. These are all technology sectors.

A report says that the 375 Millions of jobs are under the risk in conditions. Elon Musk, who was a chief of Twitter and the founder of Tesla, recently said, "Recent months have seen AI labs locked in an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one - not even their creators - can understand, predict, or reliably control." 

Most of them are aware that "open AI" recently released a free programme called "chatGPT," which is an artificial intelligence with data up to 2021. 

Google's BARD AI is now in the experimental stage. But this experimental version was available only in the USA. It will contain up-to-date data, just as today's data is included in the book. Amazon also trained their AI, known as "Amazon Lex."

Why corporates accept AI:

Corporates are interested in AI because, by using artificial intelligence, they can grow faster compared with human workers. Humans are made a mistake but Machines are not, that means least compared with the humans. Durations of work are high; machines work 24 hours a day, and the capacity of a machine can replace more than that of humans. But humans work more than 8 to 12 hours a day.

AI is a one-time investment with some repair charges, but if a human power company means they need to pay salaries for their workers, These are some perspectives on things; corporations are accepting AI technology to move forward.


Corporate America is growing by using its employees; this is an unrejectable statement. But most corporations are not loyal to their workers. Your working for a company means you are under the control of that company; it means you are an employee of that company. This is a painful truth. Now, worlds are moving under the way of technological development. The world is for humans and other living beings, not for robots and technology.

Technologies are necessary, but human needs and essentials are mandatory. Be loyal to the workers and owners; spread mankind and humanity. Technology's victory over humans may lead to the extinction of the human species and the end of human freedom. This is capable for the richer person as well as poorer persons.

My words are: Do what is correct not only for you but also for the environment as well as the other kind.


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