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Another Dismembered Body Found In Parisian Park Spark Immigration Debate

Around Valentine's Day, the dismembered body of a woman was found in Buttes-Chaumont park in Paris, France. Gardeners found a bag with the grotesque remains of a pelvis. The park was immediately closed to the public for further investigation, which included sniffer dogs and a review of video footage from the security cameras that cover the park’s entrance. During this time, her head was found by police near a railway.


Legal reasons have prevented the victim’s name from being released to the public, even though the autopsy has been completed and the victim identified. But she is reported to be of North African origin. Her body was cut while clothed and based on the lack of putrefaction, which is the decay process of a body, officials have ruled her death to have been recent from discovery. Information regarding the murderer has yet to be released.


Outrage soon followed the investigation since this uncovering reopened the case of 12-year-old Lola Daviet who was found murdered back in October near this location. In an adjacent street to the Buttes-Chaumont park, officials found Daviet sexually assaulted, brutally murdered, branded with the number “1” and “0” on her feet, and shoved into a suitcase. French President Emmanuel Macron is reported calling the crime, “pure evil.” 


Police arrested 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Algeria, Dahbia B., who was seen leaving an apartment building with Daviet. Two others are in custody for their involvement.


Daviet’s death sparked political debate on Macron’s immigration policies. Macron’s policies include both elements of deportation and admission by involving a stricter stance on deportation, while also emphasizing migrant workers. More specifically, his policies speed up the already slow process of deportation and make deportation easier for immigrants with a criminal record. 


Moreover, Gerald Darmanin, Macron’s Minister of the Interior, is reported saying, “We must be able to take in more quickly those who deserve asylum, and refuse more quickly those who cannot obtain it on our soil.” and “It’s about integrating better and expelling better.” 


Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said, “zero immigration is neither desirable nor possible, and it's no more realistic than unregulated immigration.” 


However, many migrants are still protesting to be recognized as unaccompanied minors and be offered asylum. Francois Heran, migration export and professor at College de France said France delivered, “far too many removal orders,” including migrant workers. And others are quoted saying the policies, “risk further eroding the rights of foreigners.” These protestors are referring to the detention centers that hold those who failed asylum and who can be held for up to 90 days waiting for deportation. 


Both the right party and the left party of France believe immigration is out of control, and nearly 80 percent of people believe Macron's government has failed to manage immigration. Final policy decisions will not be made until the spring of this year. 


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