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Are Western Special Forces On The Ground?

In recent weeks, there has been a leak that involved classified US intelligence documents related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The documents have been circulating the internet for the past week and reveal images of battle plans, troops, types of armament and special forces. 


The leak is being treated seriously by the US intelligence agencies and investigations have been launched to determine sources of the same. The US Department of Defence has put out a statement on its website stating that ‘it is continuing to look over the photographs that are circulating on different media platforms and trying to identify where the leak might have occurred or by who.’


The documents are believed to have been altered when it comes to casualties of the war – with attempts to exaggerate Ukrainian losses more and minimise the Russian losses. The US defence department is continuing to deny the documents are real but it did cause the Ukrainian army to change their tactics for the counter-offensive. 


The documents that were published on media sites also reveal an alarming level of how the US is spying on its allies. This was previously acknowledged by the whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, who revealed that the US is not only spying on unfriendly nations but also allied nations. The recent leak only confirmed that the practice is still being used to this day. 


The leak also reviled the NATO supply of weapons. What it showed on the document suggests that the ammunition and weapons that are supplied to Ukraine by NATO can draw China into the conflict. This can result in a larger conflict which could lead to a third world war. 

The documents that reviled the special forces present on the Ukraine ground come from larger nations that train and have special forces, such as Britain, Latvia, France and the USA. It is currently unclear what the Special Forces are doing in Ukraine and the number of troops that are currently situated there. 


It was speculated for many months that Western allies had their troops on the ground in Ukraine but it was often denied to prevent escalation. But the leaks could cause severe consequences. This could bring backlash from Russia and give them an upper hand when it comes to negotiations. 


The UK defence ministry denied giving comments on the situation but wrote on Twitter that ‘the widely reported leak of U.S. information has demonstrated a serious level of inaccuracy.’ - Twitter


If the documents are demonstrating a serious level of inaccuracy, then why are the Allies so worried about the leak in the first place? The Ukrainian government has denied the documents are real and labelled them as a disinformation campaign carried out by Russia.


Some sources, such as the Guardian, suggest that the leak could help Ukraine to resupply much quicker by the Western allies. – The Guardian.


Others suggest it could alter the plans for Ukraine and the US, and reveal the weakness of the agencies that hold such information. 


Edited by: Rhea Jimmy

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