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Argentina in Perspective: Unveiling the Rise of New Political Trends

 In recent times, Argentine politics have witnessed an extraordinary transformation with the emergence of Javier Gerardo Milei as a key political player. This unexpected rise has raised questions about the country's direction, given Milei's unorthodox approach and ideological stance. This article aims to shed light on this intriguing development and its implications.


Historical Political Landscape:

Historically, Argentine electoral contests featured the ruling party facing off against Juntos por el Cambio, a coalition representing right-leaning tendencies. However, this political dichotomy was disrupted when Milei emerged as a new political protagonist. His ascent defied traditional categories and heightened political polarization.


The Electoral Triumph:

Prior to the primary elections (PASO), polls projected Milei to secure approximately 17% of the votes. To the surprise of many, he garnered an impressive 30% of the vote in the PASO, solidifying his position as the presidential candidate for his political bloc.


Understanding the Socio-Economic Context:

To comprehend this phenomenon, it is imperative to analyze Argentina's socio-economic landscape. According to the Universidad de Torcuato Di Tella, 46% of Argentines live in poverty, a distressing reality affecting millions. Additionally, projections from the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicate alarming annual inflation rates, potentially reaching 120% to 140% in 2023. These statistics place Argentina among the world's top countries with the highest inflation rates.


Milei's Appeal and Political Ignorance:

Milei's triumph mirrors a prevailing political and historical ignorance in Argentina, particularly among the youth, whom he has remarkably influenced. His adept use of social media, despite limited financial resources, and his background in the media facilitated effective communication with the public. Despite his training as an economist, he is perceived more as a media personality than a conventional politician.


Politics and Media Dynamics:

This phenomenon invites contemplation on the contemporary relationship between politics and the media. It draws parallels with past occurrences, such as the rise of figures like Donald Trump, whosignificantly boosted media ratings. Milei shares with Trump the ability to captivate attention and ignite debates, regardless of whether they support or oppose his political views, highlighting the dual role of politics in influencing and entertaining.


Critiquing Milei's Libertarian Discourse:

However, it is crucial to critically evaluate Milei's libertarian discourse, which may not align with the Argentine reality. One common misstep is the comparison of political systems in developed nations with those in developing countries, overlooking the structural disparities Argentina faces  Capitalism and Political Realities.

It is vital to recognize that capitalism has been the dominant global economic system since the fall of communism in 1989. Within capitalism, various political ideologies coexist, with only the far-left opposing it outright.


Media Portrayal vs. Argentine Realities:

Media often portray developed countries as following extremely liberal policies, suggesting that replicating these policies would benefit Argentina, especially in terms of trade. However, Argentina's history reveals past protectionist approaches and economic challenges, making the one- size-fits-all approach questionable.


The IMF's Policy Experiment:

Argentina is currently navigating the uncharted waters of policies recommended by the IMF, posing an experiment to understand their efficacy in the Argentine context. These policies may serve external interests, allowing multinational corporations to exploit low labor costs and evade stricter environmental regulations.

Analyzing Milei's Emergence:

The rise of Milei in the Argentine political-electoral landscape warrants profound reflection and analysis. It highlights not only socio-economic conditions but also underscores the significance of political education and informed decision-making in elections.


The Electoral Landscape and Acquired Rights:

While the electoral landscape may seem precarious, potentially endangering acquired rights, it is essential to remember that there is no libertarian success story. Implementing anarcho-capitalism, as Milei advocates, may result in a weak state unable to govern its citizens, akin to certain regions of Africa.


Milei's Messiah Complex:

Milei portrays himself as a societal savior, offering alluring but impractical solutions driven by frustration. However, politics is multifaceted, and his dogmatic, classist discourse overlooks critical contextual factors.


The Need for Coherence:

Milei's approach lacks coherence, as he lacks the support of governors or mayors, evident in his legislative numbers. His inability to garner this essential support reflects the challenges of implementing his vision in the Argentine reality.


In conclusion, electoral campaigns are not binding commitments but rather ideas that may or may not materialize. Milei, while providing a detailed plan, may face difficulties in translating his vision into reality. Ultimately, the Argentine electorate will make its decision in October, and their votes will speak volumes about the nation's future.

Victoria Lujan Garimaldi, Bachelor in International Relations

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