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Artists Around the World Show Their Support for Citizens of Russia and Ukraine

It has been 101 days since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which was a military operation that has since displaced over six million Ukrainians from their homes. This was the largest refugee crisis in Europe since the second World War, and so far there have been almost 5,000 recorded Ukrainian civilian deaths. As of late, President Vladimir Putin and his forces have managed to make some progress in their goal, as they have taken land in the Eastern Donbas region of Ukraine. They also have almost full control of the region of Luhansk, which is the twelfth largest city in Ukraine. Both Putin and leaders in the U.N. have come out and said that they are in control of the conflict, leaving citizens and outsiders looking in wonder where the power and authority truly lies in this war. 


It has been seen throughout history that no matter how bleak a situation is, humans always manage to amplify their voices, and that is no different today in Ukraine. Over the last few months but especially the last couple weeks, artists have come out to support their allied country through paintings of large murals all around not only Ukraine, but around the world. Here are some of the most memorable murals created so far.



Beginning in Ukraine, in the city of Zaporizhzhya, a mural shows a Ukrainian soldier using an expletive gesture against a Russian warship as it burns down. This particularly antagonizing mural has caught the attention of thousands of citizens in Zaporizhzhya.

Mural in Ukraine


In Rome, Italy, an artist painted two women passionately hugging each other, each with colors of the Russian or Ukrainian flag on their clothes. This represents how most citizens of both countries simply want peace. This painting is especially important because it contains a QR code that people can scan with their phones to make donations.

Mural in Rome


Paris is the city that has seen the most street art related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as many artists have painted murals to show their support for Ukraine. In this mural, a little girl is seen stomping on tanks as she waves the Ukrainian flag.

Mural in Paris


This particularly large mural plastered in between a building’s windows depicts another young Ukrainian girl. The mural also has a quote stated by Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky that says, “I don’t want my photos in your offices, because I am neither a god nor an icon, but rather a servant of the Nation.” This was painted by French artist Christian Guemy.

Mural in Paris


In Los Angeles, California, a mural depicts a child drawing the “peace” symbol in Ukrainian colors over multiple bullet holes in the wall. This painting is titled “War Child”, by the artist that goes by Hijack. In regards to this painting, he stated, “When adults wage war, children suffer.”

Mural in Los Angeles


In Belgrade, Serbia, a mural of Vladimir Putin was painted over. Originally, the mural of Putin had the word “brother” painted next to it, but now it says “war”. Red paint has also been smeared along Putin’s eyes, labeling him now as a threat instead of a security to Serbia.

Mural in Belgrade


Although the situation in Ukraine is unpleasant to say the least, it is heartwarming to see how many people have come out in solidarity for the citizens caught in this war. Human compassion is crucial to the improvement of society, and during times of conflict, it is even more critical. 

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