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Barbados : The New Republic Country

Despite the fact that Barbados gained independence from the British on November 30, 1966, Queen Elizabeth was continued as the country's constitutional monarch. However, last Tuesday, before it celebrated its 55th anniversary of independence from British rule, Barbados made history by cutting ties with the British royal family and becoming a republic. It is the first country that severs the bond with British Monarch in almost three decades. In an overnight ceremony in the capital, Bridgetown, hundreds of people came to celebrate their joy of victory. In her speech, Barbados Governor-General Sandra Mason told the world that the time has come to leave our darkest colonial past behind.

The Prince of Wales, Charles, and Barbadian singer Rihanna were among those present to witness the historic occasion. Slavery, Prince Charles said in his landmark speech, is an "appalling atrocity" that "forever stains our history." 

For more than 200 years, trade hub Barbados had been the transatlantic slave, but when they ended the ties of Britain, it was the new beginning of hopes and possibilities. The 72-year-old Dame Sandra Mason, who has been the island's governor-general since 2018, was sworn in as president last Tuesday. Although Barbados is well-known for its tropical beaches, pirate history, and everything else, it is best known as Mega-star Rihanna's birth country and nation. She is a Barbados-pop singer and businesswoman with millions of fans all over the world. She has been working to make her country proud for previous years. Sandra Maso stated that Ri would be a national hero for Barbados, and Rihanna has made the country extremely proud in past years. 

Ms. Mottley urged Rihanna to continue shining brightly like a diamond, a reference to one of her songs titled "diamond," and to bring honor to their country.

After 341 years of British slavery and rule, when Barbados became independent in 1966, they have chosen to maintain official relations with the British royal family like 15 Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, it was not a hot topic that Barbados wanted to cut ties with the Queen since their independence. When they gained their freedom in 1966, even the country's first prime minister, Errol Barrow, warned in his speech the country not to "loiter on colonial premises." 

When the wave of protests was firing all over the world inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, the Caribbean also came forward to protest and support. The British royal family and the UK foreign ministry announced that it was not a surprise announcement. They had been planning to sever ties with the Queen for a long time, and when Black Lives Matter occurred, they officially declared their break with the Queen. Barbados' government officials stated that they intend to maintain a positive relationship with the Queen in the coming years.

According to The Guardian, the have reported that there are no plans to change the flags, coat of arms, national pledge, or national anthem. However, the terms “royal” and “crown” would be dropped from all official references. 

Barbados had been a slave society for Brittan after the English ship arrived in the Caribbean in 1625. They were living in a horrifying past for several years. Now the time has come to smash the British yoke and live freely. 





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