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Beijing’s Three Rounds Covid Testing

Beijing is expected to complete at least 20 million massive covid - 1 testings by the end of this week.


The city’s municipal government is practicing extreme, but necessary measures to curtail the spread of the alarmingly stealthy covid variant, Omicron. The plan is to prevent the proliferation of the infectious disease before the larger population of the Chinese capital has to undergo another widespread lockdown, like that of Shanghai.


The eastern Chaoyang district, a busy business center and location of various foreign embassies began testing their personnel, whom can go through this process up to three times. Cases of the variant are emerging in the city, causing panic buying, thus prompting the drastic measures. 


Xu Hejian, a spokesperson for the Beijing Municipal Government stated that “The outbreak in Beijing is coming fast and furious,” and added that the epidemic control and prevention attempts have hit a vital moment. 


The strict lockdown in Shanghai began in March, but has so far led to less than 200 deaths that authorities reported. Prior to this disclosure, the Chinese Health National Health Commission and government officials had not attributed many deaths to Covid - 19 since March 2020, but instead linked the fatalities to underlying health conditions. The number of cases compared to the number of reported deaths have raised many questions in the health departments of other nations. The situation in Shanghai was harsh, as the city racked up thousands of new cases each day before lockdown restrictions were put in place. 


A relatively low number of cases (80) have been reported in Beijing since Friday, but the precedent rapid growth cases that occurred in Shanghai has placed city authorities on high alert, with zero compromises being made. As stated by CNN’s Nectar Gan from the Beijing Bureau, “Dozens of residential compounds across eight districts are already under strict lockdowns, in which residents are banned from leaving their homes or community grounds.”


Although the spread of covid has diminished to 16,989 reported as of Monday in Shanghai, China’s big city populations are overwhelming. More than 50 million people have been subdued to lockdown regulations in the whole country of China. Authorities are desperately exercising measures that would prevent the spread from reaching new highs. 


Chinese inhabitants have publicly denounced the harsh Zero-Covid strategy. Most countries never sought to implement such restrictive measures, yet the ones that did abandoned the idea once the pandemic was declared an endemic.


The upcoming Labor Day holiday beginning on Saturday will likely see a slow movement of people in Beijing and Shanghai to be specific, if there will be any. City officials have urged residents to stay put and only travel when absolutely necessary. 

Cultural celebrations, sports events, or any gathering that entail large groups of people have been canceled for the time being.

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