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BRICS Expansion: Why Is It Significant for Founding Members?

The possible expansion of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) could have significant implications for its founding members, particularly India.

Evolving Global Geopolitical Landscape:

The global geopolitical landscape seems to be currently undergoing transformation, potentially moving away from the historically dominant unipolar or bipolar structure, where the United States has historically played a central role, towards a potentially more multipolar configuration.

The consideration of expanding BRICS appears to be a response to this changing global geopolitical context. Founding members recognize the potential need for a new global geopolitical framework, given perceived limitations in the current one.

Diverse Global Power Dynamics:

India and Brazil may harbor concerns that globalization could affect their influence and non-aligned foreign policies. Simultaneously, China and Russia view BRICS as a potential tool to balance against Western-led alliances like the Group of Seven (G7). These varying interests reflect the intricate dynamics within BRICS.

Reducing Reliance on a Single Currency:

A priority for BRICS appears to be the potential reduction of reliance on a specific global currency. While discussions about creating a new currency have occurred, it is more likely that BRICS countries and other partners might continue trading using local currencies.

This shift could potentially impact the dominance of a particular global currency in international finance and trade.

Potential Economic and Political Influence:

With the inclusion of new members, BRICS now potentially represents a substantial portion of the global economy, potentially contributing approximately 36% of the potential global GDP and encompassing about 42% of the potential world population. This could potentially enhance the bloc's political and economic influence, especially in potentially representing the interests of developing nations worldwide.

Potential Diplomatic Complexities:

Especially for India, the potential expansion of BRICS could introduce diplomatic complexities. India might need to balance relations with the West and Russia while potentially managing the growth of BRICS.

Additionally, addressing potential border issues with China could be of significance for India's role as a founding member of BRICS.

Leadership and Representation:

India aims to potentially maintain its founding member status and potentially assert leadership as a representative of the Global South within BRICS. Simultaneously, it potentially seeks to ensure a diverse composition within the group to potentially prevent dominance by any single member. This could potentially lead to diplomatic negotiations and cooperation within the bloc.

The New Development Bank:

The New Development Bank, established by BRICS nations, potentially offers funding alternatives to Western-dominated financial institutions, such as the Paris Club. As new members potentially join, they might establish specific relationships with the bank, potentially influencing its direction and lending policies.

In summary, the potential expansion of BRICS could potentially have significant implications for the founding members, especially India. They could be navigating a changing global geopolitical landscape, addressing diplomatic challenges, and potentially striving to maintain their influence within the bloc while potentially accommodating new members and their interests.

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