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Can We End The Coronavirus Once and For All?

Two years later and the outbreaks just keep on happening. China has now seen its largest outbreak since the start of the pandemic. China has recorded over 1,000 cases per day for the last four days. They have seen over 103,000 cases since the beginning of 2020. The country has one of the strictest protocols for covid outbreaks which include, lockdowns, border control, and regular testing for the entire country. So that brings up the question, will the virus ever go away? Or should we just learn to live with it? It has been a little over two years since the first case of the Coronavirus was recorded and it seems that once things start to look a little better, that is when it gets worse. In the U.S., there was a major outbreak of the new Omicron variant that spread like wildfire back in January sending a mass amount of people into quarantine. Although, when each new variant comes our way, it is less harmful than the first, the world just doesn’t seem to have this pandemic coming to an end anytime soon. 

Just like the flu, the Coronavirus will never go away, even with vaccines and masks we will have to learn to live with it. This is just history repeating itself from back when the flu outbreak began in 1918. It spread just like the Coronavirus with about one-third of the world’s population becoming infected, while about 50 million people were killed from the flu. Even back then people were wearing masks and staying at home. Although we are much more advanced now than we were 100 years ago, we still are dealing with the same issues. Should we learn to live with this “new normal” way of life? No, right? I think at this point everyone is sick about hearing the same thing when they turn on the news or scroll through Twitter. Living in the 21st century and having the advanced technology that the world does, the time is now where we can stop Covid from forming new variants, or at least not making the biggest deal about each new variant. It has changed the way we live our everyday lives from zoom classes and meetings to not saying hi to our neighbors because we don’t wanna get too close to them. I mean the CDC is the most trusted source when it comes to a global pandemic but they change their guidelines quite often and having set dates when mask mandates can go away doesn’t make sense considering the virus doesn’t just stop on a random Wednesday. 

We can do everything possible to control the virus and there is a light at the end of the tunnel which seems to be fast approaching. However, there will be no near future where covid is not brought up in a conversation or talked about on the news. We have built up somewhat of an immunity to the virus and obviously, the vaccine was a huge step in the right direction. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have dealt with covid much differently than the United States has. Those countries still today will go into lockdown if there is a covid outbreak to control it as quickly as possible in order to return to a normal life. The United States however has not been in lockdown since the pandemic began. Every state has different regulations but why hasn’t the county as a whole followed the same procedure as New Zealand or Australia? Wouldn’t it make more sense to shut down the country for at least a week to control a new variant instead of just wearing a mask and hoping that saves everyone? 

There are certainly different ways the U.S. and the world as a whole can take steps in the right direction for life to completely go back to normal. The first is this lockdown procedure to control the virus. We can stop the spread if we try to keep everyone at home for a few weeks. The second would be to turn the vaccine into a pill. There are still about 70 million Americans who have chosen to not get the vaccine and if we can get a pill for the virus then our bodies can fight off the infection much quicker and also clear up hospital beds. If pills are created we also don't have to come up with a new vaccine every time there is a new variant. Millions of vaccinated people tested positive for the Omicron variant. So what was the purpose of getting vaccinated? There must be a better way to slow down the rate of new variants forming. When the pandemic began 2 years ago, Melbourne, Australia went into lockdown for over 200 days and aimed for zero covid cases, and this worked. They didn’t have zero covid cases but this seemed to work a lot better than the United States’s tactic of a month or so in lockdown than just wearing masks. The whole world won’t come together and all go into lockdown but if we want to end the Coronavirus once and for all then lockdowns will be the easiest and safest way to end the pandemic bringing life back to normal. 

On March 11 2020 the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic. Over 500 million people have tested positive for at least one of the variants and has killed over 6 million people worldwide. There are likely more variants that will form in the future and we hope to control it more so than we have in the past. At this point, most cities have lifted all mask mandates and are no longer requiring proof of vaccination. There seems to be an end in sight or that the end is already here but just like any virus there will be more variants in the future, we just hope countries like the United States will follow protocols like Australia did going into lockdown and having secure borders to put a stop to the Coronavirus.


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