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Canada Prime Minister Combats Gun Violence

Justin Trudeau. Source: Wikipedia

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, recently announced and introduced proposed legislation that would place a nationwide hold on the ownership of handguns across the entirety of Canada. In other words, it would no longer be possible or legal to buy, sell, own, or import handguns anywhere in Canada.


The gun market in Canada is going to suffer a huge loss as the Prime minister just announced that it is now illegal to buy, import or own handguns in the country. This bill was influenced by the recent increase in incidents of gun violence. Trudeau says he believes that gun violence is a huge problem but the solution to ending it once and for all would be placing a limit and suspending the access people have to guns. In other words, if the people have no access to guns the number of guns and gun violence cases in our society would decrease.


Trudeau stated that even though most gun owners in Canada use their weapons carefully and safely, basically by the laws put in place, he believes that we do not need weapons that are that dangerous and can kill a lot of people in a small amount of time in our communities. 


Putting an end to gun perpetrated violence was one of the promises Trudeau made during his campaign in the 2019 election. So far under his government, more than 1,500 types of military-style firearms have been banned after the incident that took place on April 18 and 19 2020. This incident took place within 12 hours and 22 people were killed, 13 were shot and the other nine died in house fires. The attacker found out to be Gabriel Wortman acted alone and this incident is now known to be the deadliest gun rampage that has ever happened in the history of Canada.


This announcement was made following the two recent mass shootings in the United States that resulted in the lives of many. The shootings that took place on May 14 and May 24 resulted in the lives of 31 being lost. The one on May 14 was a hate crime and was done at a supermarket in Buffalo New York while the other one took place at an elementary school in Uvalde Texas.


Statistics have also shown that handguns were the most dangerous weapon that was present in the majority of firearm-related violent crimes between 2009 and 2020, they also make up 59% of those violent crimes according to a document that was released from Trudeau’s office on Monday. From the document released it was also revealed that the number of registered handguns in Canada increased by 71% between 2010 and 2020. This announcement was made to put an end to gun violence.

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