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China’s New Controversial Covid-19 Policy

Chinese residents were unhappy with the restrictions imposed on the country amid a Covid-19 surge.

Amid a new surge in cases that pose a threat to next month’s Winter Olympics, China adds new restrictions.

 In their effort to reduce and eliminate Covid-19, China has found new targets: international mail and hamsters.

 Faced with continuous outbreaks that have threatened Beijing’s strict Covid-19 strategy and possibly harm the upcoming Winter Olympics, officials have sought new measures to make the residents unhappy.

Residents of Beijing and other cities have been asked to beware of the emails that come from other countries as they may act as a carrier of the Covid-19 virus.

 It is believed that the state’s first omicron case was transmitted through an international package. the state post bureau has also taken stronger measures to disinfect all arriving overseas packages.

 Meanwhile, approximately 2000 hamsters and small animals are being selectively slaughtered as a precautionary measure over what officials say might be the first animal-human transmission.

According to the South China morning post, the delta variant was found in a woman working at a pet store. When 11 samples were taken from hundreds of hamsters most came back positive.

Director of agriculture, fisheries, and conservation, Dr. Leung Sui-Fai has announced that 2000 hamsters will be killed. All customers who took home hamsters after January 7th are being asked to give up the animals for slaughter creating anger and dismay in the residents and animal welfare groups.

“We have assessed the risks of these batches are relatively high and therefore made the decision based on public health needs.” Dr. Leung said.

He also asked all the pet owners to observe strict hygiene when handling the pets and cages. Leung also promised that the animals would be killed humanly and any pet owners having queries can contact a hotline that has been set up.

 The U.S Centres for Disease Control says that the possibility of animal-human transmission is low and no evidence has been established to suggest that animals can act as the carrier.

Although there is no evidence, China has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against Covid-19.


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