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Crisis Looms Over Shanghai Residents Due To China's Stringent Lockdown.

China is battling the worst wave of Covid-19 since the first outbreak in Wuhan. The city of Shanghai has been in general lockdown since April 5, after a two-stage closure of the city had been failingly attempted. And in the great Chinese metropolis today, there are logistical problems with the supply of food and medicines for residents- a condition that is creating tensions between the population and the authorities with testimonies of protests and even violent repression by the authorities that are echoed on social media. The network is multiplying accusations against the "zero covid" policy wanted by the government led by Xi Jinping that is creating strong social and economic repercussions throughout the country.


The videos circulating on social media show scenes of looting of residents of some areas, while in other cases, citizens have gone directly to the headquarters of a police station, thus violating home isolation; in front of white-suit personnel and uniformed officials, they shouted their anger at the conditions they have been subjected to for weeks, and at the absence of food deliveries and basic necessities, one of the biggest problems the authorities of the Chinese metropolis have had to deal with in past days. 


The wave of contagions in Shanghai has made the delivery groups overwhelmed by demands, and not even the intervention of local authorities has managed to meet the demand for essential goods of millions of people who cannot leave their homes due to the anti-health quarantine. The protest was also heard from the city compound windows. A video shows the residents of an apartment building of a residential complex screaming their encouragement to other residents, with scenes reminiscent of those seen in Wuhan in early 2020 when the Covid-19 virus first manifested itself.


China is one of the countries in the world with the strictest policies in the containment of the pandemic, and even in the face of strong discontent, the line of "zero infection" is defined as "the only way out of the current complex situation" in an editorial published today by the tabloid Global Times. Shanghai is at the center of the current wave of infections, and even today has marked a new record, exceeding 26,000 (25,000 of which are asymptomatic). To combat the spread of the virus, more than 38,000 doctors and health personnel were sent from various Chinese provinces, and isolation centers have been set up that can accommodate up to 160,000 people.


The hardline wanted by the central government does not seem, however, to bear the hoped-for fruits against the current wave, as the days pass and the economic and social balance of the iron fist against the virus becomes increasingly unsustainable. Not even the authorities' promises to improve the situation of delivery services and the resignation of more than ten thousand patients from quarantine facilities serve, however, to appease the residents of the financial metropolis, now transformed into a ghost town. The anger and frustration accumulated over the past few days have been unleashed in the screams of "we want work, we want freedom" from residents who have violated the home quarantine and have taken to the streets in search of food.

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