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Dillemas caused by illiteracy

Day by day our World is getting modernized in essentially every domain. However, still, there are a lot of people who remain illiterate despite the evolution and spread of education.

Literacy has become increasingly significant because our society is presently more dependent on technology. There is a need for humans to update themselves too. Illiterate people grow sequestered in a world that is increasingly dependent on computers.

Illiteracy is the inability to read and write due to a lack of education. The illiteracy rate in India is very high because of the economic and social disparities, gender discrimination, caste discrimination, and technological barriers. A society with few literate people experienced little or no growth due to high poverty levels.

One of the major justifications for illiteracy is, having illiterate parents. We all must have seen that illiterate parents are not much concerned about their children's education. Illiterate people give less importance to education which leads to a rise in illiteracy level.

Many people are illiterate because of the increase in the level of poverty. They can't afford money for their school fees and education materials making it complicated for them to read and write.

Another cause of illiteracy is child labor. Many children in underdeveloped countries directly try to get jobs and avoid education to feed their families because of a lack of money. They do think it is better to start earning less with illiteracy than to invest in education.

People get jobs with low pay range because of little or no education. The percentage of unemployment among people with nominal education is 2-4 times loftier than people with Bachelor's degrees.

Companies mostly prefer employees with adequacy in English and those who work can work with the latest technology. As of now, every field is dependent on technology.

Low self-esteem in an individual exists because of the inability to read. Illiterate people usually hesitate to contribute to society. Educated people have higher confidence levels than people with no education.

Lack of ability to acquire and understand essential information makes it difficult for illiterate people to perform the basic daily tasks without the help of their children, such as reading prescriptions of their medicines which leads to numerous health problems.


Literacy is the major cause of the various societal issues and poverty that are present in the world. Government and every individual should take essential measures to eliminate illiteracy from society and foster literacy in every single individual.

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