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Finland and Sweden to decide on NATO membership: Repercussions of Russia Ukraine conflict in Europe

The Prime Minister of Finland has made a public declaration regarding joining North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), stating that the final decision will be made within weeks rather than months which was the earlier deadline. The sudden turn of events is supposedly due to security concerns of countries neighboring Russia due to the Ukraine Russia Conflict. In addition, NATO provides a sense of security to these nations as they become a part of a strategic coalition with world superpowers like the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The bullying by Mr. Putin in Eastern Europe seems to have backfired with new countries wanting to join NATO rather than be against it, as intended by Russia. Sweden and Finland have been military non-alignment practicing countries. Still seeing the security concerns arising in Eastern Europe, the countries seem to have changed their stance drastically by now intending to join the NATO bloc. Finland shares a border with Russia, whereas Sweden does not share a border with Russia but is near its border and not strategically inaccessible to Russia. It is well known that Russia is not tolerating proper democracy in its area. Sweden and Finland are patrons of democratic values of Human Rights and Human Well-being, respectively. Russia has warned both the countries of such involvement with NATO and has threatened that it will take its own “measures” to balance such a situation if they decide to join NATO. The Swedish and Finnish prime ministers held a joint press conference in Stockholm where they informed the general public of the recent developments. Further information provided also says that NATO Secretary-General Mr. Stoltenberg has welcomed both the countries to become a part of the NATO. The UK, USA, France, and Germany have backed their bid for membership. However, a positive affirmation of 30 member countries is required to join NATO, so the process may not happen overnight. Russia will work to all extents possible to prevent these countries from joining NATO. Both these countries were utterly non-aligned till 1994. However, since 1995 both countries have been conducting military drills with NATO and its members. The rising insecurity between Russia and these countries regarding border threats provides all the more incentive to both the countries to join NATO. As the situation progresses and Mr. Putin increases his hostilities toward neighboring nations, such moves by neighboring countries are inevitable. Mr. Putin, rather than exercising the military at his disposal, should try to build rapport and strategic partnerships with neighboring countries. Suppose the suppressive attitude and imperialistic methodology of functioning do not change. In that case, anti-Soviet blocs like NATO will attain an upper hand over the threatened countries leading to a strategic blockade for Russia in Economic, Political, and Military terms. Any such event would not be desirable, and Russia needs to make hard decisions on such issues.

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