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Former President Trump indicted by the DOJ


The 45th President of the USA, Donald Trump, has been under the spotlight of controversy as an affluent businessman even before he assumed the presidency. After a heavy dose of a controversial presidential bid, he won the 2016 elections. Throughout his time in office, he did not shy away from letting the media and public know his opinion. He referred to the press as ‘fake news’ when the news cycle disagreed with his narrative. After running for and losing the 2020 Presidential elections, he refused to accept the results, citing voter fraud and ballot mismanagement. The former president did not vacate the White House premises until the day the current President was supposed to take over the office.


On the 10th of June, the Department of Justice brought formal charges against Mr. Trump. The primary charge against him is mishandling US government documents during office. He faces 37 counts related to the sensitive files uncovered in his Florida house-Mar-a-lago. Here, detectives discovered sensitive documents. The indictment spells out that Mr. Trump. “endeavored to obstruct the FBI” and the grand jury investigations. He concealed the retention of classified documents. His aide Walt Nauta has been named as a co-conspirator in the indictment. The indictment includes photographs of the boxes stacked on a ballroom stage in his Florida House. Detectives allege these boxes have sensitive documents about the USA s military defense weapons capabilities. 


A month ago, the Manhattan Court asked Mr. Trump about his association with the adult actress Stormy Daniels. The Court alleged that he paid off the actress to keep her silenced. The new indictment alleges that Mr. Trump has violated the Espionage Act of the US Constitution. This act prohibits obtaining information, recording pictures, or copying any descriptive information that can be used to benefit a foreign nation and injure the national interest of the US. This information could be political or military. Those found guilty are entitled to criminal punishments. A former CIA employee, Edward Snowden, was charged with the Espionage Act for blowing cover on the USA’s program. He alleged that the government was creating programs for spying on civilian phone calls on a mass scale. 


Mr. Trump protested his innocence, and his supporters gathered for protests against the indictment. The supporters wore ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps. This slogan was famous in Trump’s presidential campaign. The protesters demanded that Jack Smith be indicted instead, the special prosecutor who brought the charges against Mr. Trump. He claimed the indictment charges against him were a  'baseless witch hunt.' Despite the allegations, Mr. Trump has a solid support base from the Republican Party, which is nominating him for the 2024 Presidential elections. His lawyer, Alina Habba, told CNN, an American news agency, that politically motivated prosecutors have risen in recent years. These prosecutors do not care about impartiality, due process, or equal protection under the laws. Considering Mr. Trump’s 2024 elections, the nature and motivation behind the indictment and espionage charges are being debated by Republicans and Democrats alike. 

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