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Ghada Sabatin, A Widowed Mother of Six Killed By The Israeli Army

Ghada Sabatin, a 47-year-old widow and a mother of six, was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces on Sunday, April 10th. 

The Instagram account of a news agency called Eye on Palestine posted the gut-wrenching video early Sunday morning with the caption- “Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian girl near the village of Husan, west of Bethlehem.” This was before the revelation of the woman's identity. The video is drawing international attention on social media, and it is now an open investigation. 

A follow-up video was uploaded on the same Instagram account an hour later, showing Israeli forces navigating through the security footage of a nearby shop after killing the woman. According to locals, the police raided shops in Husan village to retrieve the footage. Thankfully, residents recorded the incident, and it is circulating on the internet. 

The video is available on the Instagram account, 'eye.on.Palestine'.

Spain’s EFE news agency stated that the woman was shot after she failed to follow the orders of the police. The orders required her to stand up when approaching the troops. Other sources say she was ordered to stop when approaching the security officers but did not. In the video of her killing, Sabatin is seen running toward the police. As the incident took place at a security checkpoint, it is unclear exactly what words the two parties exchanged and whether she failed to follow orders or not. 

The Ministry of Health of the Palestinian National Authority disclosed that the woman was admitted to a hospital in the Bethlehem governorate after suffering gunshot wounds to the artery in one leg and after the “the loss of a large amount of blood.” (EFE news)

The arrest operations by the trained Israeli army do not seem to de-escalate situations. Their Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s words are, “there are not and will not be limited for this war. We are granting full freedom of action to the army, the Shin Bet, and all security forces to defeat the terror. Every murderer knows we will find them, everyone who helps a terrorist should know that they will pay a heavy price.”

The uncontrolled chastising of the Palestinian people is disproportionally affecting women, children, and regular inhabitants who condemn Palestinian attacks against Israelis. 

The United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reported in May 2021 that “hostilities in Gaza dramatically escalated. Over 11 days, 261 Palestinians were killed, including 41 women, 67 children, and three people with disabilities, most in Israeli strikes. At least 130 were civilians. Over 2,200 Palestinians were injured. Ten Israeli citizens and residents were killed by rockets launched by Palestinian armed groups, and 710 others were injured.” 

Though it has been a year since these statistics were published, nothing seems to have changed. The disparity in the numbers of Palestinian and Israeli victims proves that individuals with ill intentions carry out Palestinian attacks on Israelis. The Israeli attacks by the army on Palestinians are government-approved, thus, this institutionalized system is a violation of human rights and crimes against humanity.

Palestinian attacks have killed 14 Israelis in the last two weeks, but there are no official reports from the UN on Palestinian casualties.

Every couple of hours, the 'Eye on Palestine' Instagram account posts videos of Israeli police murders. The arrests are based on assumptions, with no proof of a link between the arrested and those guilty of killing Israelis.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates is demanding that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett takes full responsibility for the recently escalating situation in the region. 


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