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How Strikes Are Affecting The Working Class In The UK

Since June 2022, the UK has observed thousands of workers participating in strikes. This includes nurses, ambulance workers, civil servants, rail workers, and more. They are striking for various reasons like political and social issues, contract negotiations, working conditions, pay and benefits, inflation, government increasing taxes and more. 

Overall, strikes are occurring in the UK for a variety of economic, social, and political reasons. But, one of the most common reasons why workers may go on strike is to demand higher pay or better benefits. This can be especially true for workers in low-wage industries or those who feel that their compensation does not match the value of their work. Workers want improvements to their working conditions, such as better safety standards, reduced working hours, or more flexible scheduling. There are also some disagreements between workers and their companies or government. Many workers feel that their employer is not offering fair terms or is not negotiating in good faith. Many people are also striking o protest government policies, to show support for a particular social movement, or to demand action on climate change.

These strikes have significantly impacted the lives of people in the UK, particularly those who rely on the affected services or industries. The exact impact can vary depending on the nature and duration of the strike and the specific sector or service involved.

But, here are some ways the strikes have affected the masses - 

  • One of the most immediate impacts of strikes is often disruption to services that people rely on, such as public transportation, healthcare, education, or waste management. For example, when rail workers are on strike, there are no trains available for people to commute between their homes and their workplace. This may lead to people being unable to go to work, losing wages, and having to be on leave involuntarily. 

  • Strikes can also lead to financial losses for individuals who are directly or indirectly affected. For example, if public transportation is disrupted, people may have to spend more money on alternative modes of transportation. Businesses that rely on the affected services or industries may also suffer financial losses if they are unable to operate as usual.

  • Dealing with the fallout of a strike can be stressful and inconvenient for many people. For example, if public transportation is disrupted, people may have to wake up earlier, walk longer distances, or jostle for limited space on alternative forms of transportation. If waste management is affected, people may have to deal with unpleasant odours or unsanitary conditions.

Even though the strikes are affecting people in many ways, people have come out to support the striking workers and see the disruption as a necessary sacrifice in order to achieve better working conditions or wages.

For example, during a strike, workers often set up picket lines outside of their workplace to demonstrate their solidarity and prevent others from entering the building. Many members of the public join these picket lines as a show of support for the striking workers.

Some people have also chosen to boycott businesses that are involved in the dispute or that have failed to meet the demands of the striking workers. This can put pressure on the business to negotiate with the workers and can demonstrate public support for the strike.

In some cases, people have also donated money or resources like food, water, and shelter to striking workers in order to help them sustain their strikes. 

During these times many people support striking workers by spreading awareness about the strike and the issues at stake. This involves sharing information on social media, writing letters to local newspapers or politicians, or organizing rallies or other public events to show support for the workers.


In a nutshell, many people are doing their best to support striking workers depending on their own resources, beliefs, and level of involvement.

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