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COVID-19 is one of the most fatal viruses that have swept the world by storm. This virus has been a dilemma in many countries since the year 2020 and continued to be a problem until this date. Some individuals said, “the virus does not discriminate” yet ethnic minorities are usually the individuals who battle major suffering from the virus. The pandemic might not discriminate, but some communities are more vulnerable than others because of the existing factors and inequalities as seen in the societies. Some countries do not possess the resources to combat the virus and some communities are undergoing political and social issues in their society. Therefore, as much as many individuals convey that the virus does not discriminate, there is an unequal response or action towards the virus. With this, it can be said that there are sectors that are suffering more than others and might not be able to counter the virus because of the lack of methods that can be done because of their context. The significance of multiculturalism is to see and consider these factors to better understand the scope and effect of the pandemic not only on the reality but also on the various realities experienced by different people in belief, culture, religion, and race that might contribute to them being the people endangered. Through this, officials can better identify what made some ethnic minorities at risk more in the COVID-19 crisis compared to the white community. It might seem odd to take into consideration these factors, especially in times of the pandemic, but these factors exist, and they contribute to the percentage of people dying every day.

This is the experience of minority groups around the world, they suffer and die more from the Coronavirus compared to the white community because of the existing inequality they are already suffering from before the virus and the lack of consideration of their needs enabled the spread of the virus easily. A statistic from The Guardian revealed that 27% of the patients that have COVID-19 are from BAMEs as well as 19% of the death rate which indicates that these people are prone to the transmission of the COVID-19. Some countries such as Brazil cut off the National Indian Foundation funds for their indigenous people which illustrated the lack of care and empathy for the health safety and welfare of these people. When authorities forgot or even refuse to consider the possible causes of the spread of the pandemic towards minority groups, the continuation of these instances will resume. Thus, these individuals or communities should be prioritised rather than ignored. The sectors that individuals belong to automatically put them at risk due to the treatment that they received before the pandemic. The government, as well as health institutions, should investigate the situation and contemplate how to deal with the issues. Moreover, they are given the utmost responsibility to guarantee that all persons and communities are given the assistance they need to survive the pandemic. The need to promote inclusivity not only to the majority but most definitely to the minorities will lessen the spread and transmission of the virus. The lack of inclusivity in the community leads to decreasing number of members in different groups. Moreover, the pandemic can be a perspective that the pandemic does not only showcase the impact on health concerns but also on politics. The “what”, “why” and “how” will soon be discovered in the connection between people and the virus will provide countless solutions to combat the pandemic once and for all. The need to understand the interdependency of these aspects is necessary since the COVID-19 does not only affect health but also factors that are yet to be discovered. This will only be possible when people and authorities will recognize other communities as part of their culture as well as the necessity to deal with this crisis using the multicultural perspective. Inclusivity can be one of the solutions to many societal concerns, thus, a multicultural perspective can be beneficial not only in combating the virus but also improvement in the society. When people in power truly acknowledged and understand the factors that the virus have affected, encompassing all the people with different background, then they will most definitely understand how to utilize the solutions effectively in their respective societies.

The COVID-19 virus has taken the lives of many individuals for almost 3 years now, it might be through life, employment, and others. Many have undergone many struggles throughout the years and the people, and the authorities should find a common counter to help one another to rise above all the obstacles that happened because of the virus. Some communities are suffering more than others and that is the reason why as individuals, it should be a must to promote inclusivity, particularly in this time of need. Society should unite to be able to defeat the pandemic rather than urge more gaps between various communities. As citizens who can experience better circumstances compared to others, there is an underlying responsibility to let the minority groups be heard through them, acting as their voice or representative. On the other hand, authorities and leaders should study and investigate to comprehend the circumstances that impacted their citizens, understanding the issues shall allow them to discover a better action or method to cater to the needs of the community. Moreover, it will let them provide better options and solutions to enable the survival of all, not limited by race, culture, tradition, or beliefs, but all human beings in all various backgrounds. The significance of multiculturalism in responding to COVID-19 is the extension of the community to their other constituents and becoming one with them as a team to resolve and provide an antidote to the pandemic and emphasizes the collective effort to put a stop to the spreading of the COVID-19 and finally eliminate it once and for all

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