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Iran loses its UN voting rights for the second year in a row: Same voes, unpaid late fees.

Last week, the United Nations suspended the voting rights of seven countries along with Iran due to their pending dues. This is the second year in a row when Iran has lost its voting rights in the United Nations. And now, Iran is struggling to continue its membership in the United Nations.

What's the Scenario?

The UN Secretary, General Antonio Guterres announced the suspension of voting rights for a total of eight countries, including Iran. Iran is the permanent representative of the United Nations. Mr. Majid Takht Ravanchi expressed his concern about this issue and firmly added that Iran has the funds. However, these lie in accounts abroad. The funds are frozen due to U.S. sanctions and Now, Iran is making a constant and endless attempt to find a 'safe' channel to clear its dues in the United Nations. He also stated that these sanctions by the United States of America were extremely cruel, putting Iran in a helpless situation like this in the United Nations. Iran and its woes won't end as long as they don't let go of their nuclear weapon and missile-building mission. The United Nations does not want to help Iran due to its state of affairs.

Earlier, Iran had received financial help from the United States of America to restore its voting rights in the United Nations. This time too, it is hopeful of striving the same from the United States of America.

Why Did The United States of America Impose Sanctions On Iran?

Following the seizure of Iran's embassy in Tehran in 1979, the United States of America imposed sanctions on the country. The United States of America has condemned Iran's nuclear program on several occasions. The United States has implemented an arms embargo as well as a restriction on the development of missiles and other nuclear weapons as a significant step toward restoring international peace and security. Iran has been subjected to heavy sanctions by the United States of America as a result of its risky nuclear-related activities and desire to damage world powers. The Security Council also believes that Iran's nuclear weapons program has the potential to damage the international community. As a result, it had previously imposed a weapons embargo on Iran. The United States of America re-imposed sanctions as a result of Iran's violation of the nuclear accord.

Ending Thoughts

 Although negotiations between the Iranian government and US President Joe Biden are underway, there is no certainty that the funds will reach Iran. Despite the accusations leveled by the Western world against Iran and its nuclear-related activities, Iran continues to refute these claims. Despite all odds, it is working hard to maintain its voting rights and status at the United Nations. Iran's diplomats aim to project a picture of Iran that is safe and secure, free of its past acts, but will the rest of the world believe them?

Is there a way out of this desperate struggle encountered by Iran to maintain its dignity and gain a stable place in the United Nations? Will Iran ever be able to vote again in the United Nations or is this merely a far-fetched dream of theirs? Will the Western world agree to Iran's plea despite its 'Nuclear' way of life?


-       Written by Urvi M Gupta for The Social Talks 

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