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Is the bird losing to the thread? With over 10 million people signing up for Threads in just a few hours, some netizens seem to agree.

Zuckerberg was interested in Twitter and desired to acquire it 15 years ago. All was forgotten until Zuckerberg created Threads yesterday, to take on Musk (as some may say).


Threads is an Instagram app that allows you to post threads, comment to others, and follow profiles that interest you. Threads and replies can contain text, links, images, videos, or any combination of these. Threads, Zuckerberg's new program, that competes directly with Twitter, has debuted with over 10 million people signing up in the first few hours. 


If threads sound familiar it is probably because this is exactly what Twitter is. Twitter is a service that allows people to stay connected by exchanging short, frequent messages. Tweets are messages that can include photographs, videos, links, and text.


The infamous word limit on Twitter has always been a big complaint but Threads completely changes the game, the main distinction between the two is that the Threads character limit is 500, whereas Twitter's character limit is only 280. This means that you can share longer Threads than Tweets. 


According to BBC, Almost every influencer, whether they like it or not, or whether they want Threads to succeed or fail, will be hopping on Threads just in case it does succeed. 


Most of all, it is easy to sign up and use. Users sign up using their Instagram accounts and use the same login, password, and account name. Users can also immediately transfer the list of accounts they follow from Instagram, making it very simple to get started with the app.


Social Media is a fad and everyone wants to keep up with every new platform. If Twitter has a reliable competitor, easier to use, and ensures more privacy, it is only natural for netizens to be drawn towards it. 


As reported by Finshots, Threads is thought to be the real deal by everyone. 


Why, you might ask?


Simply because Zuckerberg has integrated it so strongly with Instagram. The photo-sharing network, after all, has roughly 2.5 billion monthly active users. That equates to one-fourth of the world's population.  This means Threads won't have to start from scratch with its user network. 


In contrast to other 'me too' apps. It only needs to figure out how to move some of Instagram's users. Perhaps by receiving a message informing you that a friend or someone you follow on the photo-sharing app has expressed their uncensored thoughts on Threads. Just a gentle prod to start the herd moving in a different direction.


Threads' major advantage is its existing network. According to reports, 30 million people signed up on the first day.


Adding previously existing functions is nothing new for Instagram. Whether it was "stories" like Snapchat or "reels" like TikTok. However, these have yet to outperform the established apps. However, since Twitter is a site that has struggled since Musk's takeover, Threads' timing is nearly flawless and has a higher chance of taking over this old app.


On a more personal note, I still find myself debating between the two. While Threads is new, Twitter is classic. Perhaps, I can use both for a while and see the differences for myself and then make a decision, but at the moment, I can’t side with either.


With the strong rivalry going on between Musk and Zuckerberg, the netizens are the ones that seem to benefit the most.


While there is no guarantee whether Threads will be the new Twitter, or rather take over Twitter, it sure seems to be moving in that direction, with high speed.


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