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Is ‘The Oligarchs’ the next future era for Russia??

In a recent speech done on TRT WORLD, the reporter quotes Biden who said that ‘he will come for the Russian Oligarch's ill-gotten game’. Through this, there is some urgency and tension created to what the literal meaning behind Biden’s speech is. But what is the actual truth behind this tough speech?

The speaker Adam M Smith, (Former Adviser to the US Treasury Department) suggests that there are two literal meanings behind this. One is to the extent that many of the Oligarchs are extremely close to President Putin both publicly and privately as President Putin funds them too. The other meaning is with the Ukraine war on the bases of if these Oligarchs can cease some parts of the funds of some sort of the political stance, then they can use it to allow Putin to change his course.

Adam M Smith also goes on to then say how there is some still uncertainty as to where both strategies are the sole reason behind confusion from Putin’s Side. The reporter also states if this will be used to put pressure and a sense of urgency on The Oligarchs.

Anna Matveeva (Russian Affairs Analyst) is very quick to point out how these Oligarchs have had no real contact with Putin either through the phone or in person. They’ve always had indirect contact, creating more confusion to if they had no real direct contact then how are they communicating?

Additionally, Elizabeth Schimpfossl (Author of ‘Rich Russians: From Oligarchs to Bourgeoisie) highlights in her argument that The Oligarchs have been cut off from the world, and they are at the mercy of the worlds riches, of Putins’ funds. She suggests that these are then crucial for them to maintain their security and future hold of some of the future events.



TRT WORLD Live. Straight Talk. 23 March 2022


Straight talk. March 23, 2022. ‘Is The Oligarchs’ Russia’s Future?’-‘The Oligarchs’

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