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Israel’s Pivotal Role in the Global Energy Crisis

US president Joe Biden recently visited the Near East, and he begun a round of visits and talks with leaders of the countries of the region. Not finalised, his numerous visits in an astonishingly short span of time made clear that the deal was to break away from the stalling of the energy imbalances stemming from the war in Ukraine. It was indeed, when the swift negotiations made an impact in Saudi Arabia, an OPEC member — of all — that the hitherto not-all-that-subtle goal was revealed. 


In one of the most difficult regions of the world — not just in the sheer historical complexity, but in the ongoing ideals, interests and cultures that live in mutual contest and (sometimes) opposition —  that the US found its likely friendships. The likelihood that Saudi Arabian crude oil restores the market to a healthy price/supply balance is a prospect much needed for Europe and, consequently, for the rest of the western world. 


Mr Biden’s administration, far from being obfuscated by situational, temporary hurdles, made the wise, yet pragmatic leap to foster the economic mechanics needed for crisis resolution. It soon became clear that the Arab near east, needed regional stability in order to progress in its energy supply cure. What is regional stability in the near east, if one does not include Israel into the bargain? The State of Israel has had a few turbulent years in the recent past. With five general elections in the past three years, domestic stability and soundness of governance are paramount for the entire region.


Hence, Biden’s plea for cooperation, with much political ‘horse trading’, came to an expensive, yet practical conclusion: the Arab near east needs to provide Israel with as much assurance for security as  much as Israel needs to respond in kind. Once all parties ‘feel’ safe and in good spirits, progressive economic risks can be taken with much more peace of mind. 


Israel’s upcoming election needs to produce a moderate candidate, who will further, not only US’s agenda for price stability and generous oil production, but can continue to be an American proxy into the region, a sort of bridgehead into the Arab part of Asia. International politics and the International community have become so much more accessible and interconnected than about twenty years ago. The economic and political value of an abstract international stability through sound agreements and well though-out plans comes at the price of states’ interests in the short term, but with the added reward of harmony and security in the long term. 

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