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Let Us Focus On True Friends On This International Friendship Day: 1st August

Friendship Day, a celebration of friends, love, and respect. It is a bond that goes beyond the minuscule boundaries of the fragmented world. When it comes to friendship, gender doesn't matter, neither religion, cast, or financial status. All that matters is the sheer connection between people. International Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of August. It celebrates friendship in all its form and glory. A human is a social being, and certain social connections are necessary for its sane functioning, and friendship is one such bond. There have been so many examples of extraordinary tales of companies throughout history that changed the world for a better place throughout history. International Friendship Day started first in Paraguay in 1958; however, the credit of origination goes to Hallmarks cards from Joyce Halls in 1930.

Friends come in all forms; they could be someone you've known since childhood; someone you met the first day at school or could be someone who loves the same cricket team as you. When it comes to friendship, there are no specified age limits as to who can make friends and who cannot. It is the only relation where there are no particular demands, and all it needs is a bit of love and compassion. There aren't time limits to decide how strong a friendship is, and it is a journey people evolve through it. Sometimes people drift apart; sometimes, they end up being forever. With time expectations towards friendships change too. This generation has given so many forms to friendship that we are always searching for that one friend we can lean on. The evolution of social media has brought about so much change in how we socialize that now you can be friends with someone you don't even share the same continent. There are so many apps that have caused such a revolution in interacting with people around us. However, the notion of online friendship is still debatable with its own set of pros and cons but has still given significant relief to introverts who are not so comfortable in socializing in the physical environment.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose." — Tennessee William.

Friends help us get through difficult times. In times of conflict, they are the ones who stand beside us, fighting for us. Be it introverts or extroverts. We have our circle of people, people we like to hang out with, perform our hobbies, and spend our best time.  Friends make good times best and challenging times better.  The sun brightens up the gloominess hardships of life bring.

In older times, hundreds of types of greetings flood the market weeks ahead of friendship day, different colors, patterns, and that creatively written rhyming message. Nothing beats the colorful set of friendship bands adorned by kids' wrists in school irrespective of their age, be it a nursery or twelfth. By buying them bands of their favorite color or notable titles, all these aesthetics hold a special place in the hearts of the people who had celebrated these occasions before the celebration got digitized. Nowadays, greeting cards have been replaced by gifs and images. The handwritten messages have now beautifully been turned into texts and feeds. The only thing that has managed to remain constant even with the changing times is the sentiment behind it all. The sweet essence of childhood, the bittersweet teenage of the chaotically sorted adulting through it all the sense and Importance of it might change in people's lives, but its essence never does.

Life amid pandemics has been distressing and lonesome. Everyone has had their own set of struggles, and all the crises had created such a troublesome atmosphere and had it not been for the friends and people we love. We cannot possibly imagine how we would have survived almost a year of lockdown.

 We never thought that there would be a time when staying away from the people we love would be the only way to keep them safe, that we won't be able to see our friends for months, and even if we do, it would be with a distance of six feet and a mask covering our face. Times are tough and unprecedented, and it's essential to let our people know that they are loved and cherished for whoever and whatever they are.  We must understand that although Friendship Day is a day to celebrate, this year lets us show our love differently; in a way, we can protect them from this crisis. So, allows us to stay inside and not go out for the usual friendship day treats and instead of getting treats together, let's just video call and remember the good time we had and think about the better memories we will make in the future. Let's celebrate this Friendship Day with all the precautions against Covid19, for sometimes staying away is a sign of love and concern.

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you haven't learned anything."


 — Muhammad Ali

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