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Macron Re-elected as President, “Round 3” Begins!


With the cheers of Macron’s supporters, the French Presidential Election came to an end with the result of Emmanuel Macron beating Marine Le Pen. At the same time, protesters who were dissatisfied with the result went on the street, doused by police with tear gas.

“From now on, I am no longer the candidate for a party. I’m everyone’s president.” Macron became the first re-elected French president in 20 years, with 58.5% of the votes. It is higher than the estimation made by the media but around 7.6% lower than the result in 2017.

During the second round, a lot of voters voted for Macron just to keep Le Pen out. “Many voted to build a barricade against the far-right” says Macron. What should be noticed is that the abstention rate in the election runoff was 28%, which is a representative high.

In the past few weeks, Macron stated to make climate change his “foremost objective”, although, like in the previous five years, it is likely that such promise will diminish.  He benefited from his EU enthusiasm. To make Europe more independent and defensive is the tendency of people’s views after the Ukraine Crisis. People who support the EU felt relief after the publishment of the election result.

After the results announcement, the EU and the Member States congratulated Macron.

The European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen mentioned in a Tweet that “we will move France and Europe forward”. The European Council president Charles Michel also stated Europe and France would be together for a more sovereign and strategic EU.

Starting from Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz with the first phone call, the leaders from each state continue with their congratulations, including Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Netherlands’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte, etc.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy published a Tweet, “I appreciate the support and I am convinced that we are moving forward together towards new common victories. Towards a strong and united Europe!”

The division of the votes is related to the division of class power reflected in the difference in votes by regions. According to studies, support for the far-right entails precarit, particularly at employment. In 2022, Le Pen won the strongest support ever, the result itself might reflect some existing social problems.

In the second round, both Macron and Le Pen tried to win the votes of those who voted for Mélenchon, and Le Pen managed to do it. Many Mélenchon supporters voted for Le Pen in the second round, mirroring a trend that began in the 1980s: the old left-wing vote was progressively supplanted by the far-right vote.

Just after the result, Le Pen called the result “a brilliant victory” and launched the great battle of the legislative elections scheduled on June 12 and June 19. She called all the opponents of the Macron to vote for her.

“The third round begins tonight,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon. After the first round, Mélenchon started to prepare for the election. He asked his supporters to vote and gain a majority in parliament.

With the voices of opposition and the ever-changing world situation, being re-elected president, Macron is facing big challenges in the next few months.


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