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Nadia Murad: rape victim who is not allowed to share her ordeal

Freedom of speech seems like a One-way privilege considering the biased social support system prevailing in our nation. However, India is not the only nation where the ‘Voice of truth’ is suppressed by throwing an ‘Islamophobia’ card. 

Laureate Nadia Murad is a Nobel prize winner and an Iraqi human rights activist. She was 19 when kidnapped by Islamic State Jihadis and taken into Sex Slavery. She survived three months in hell before she was rescued and reached Germany from there. The international outcry began when the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in Canada withdrew its sponsorship from scheduled Book Show events in October and February, which included well-known authors and social activists Marie Henein and Nadia Murad.

The board stated that it cannot entertain the October Event involving Marie Henein, author of ‘Nothing but the Truth: A Memoir’ because her book has some ‘problematic’ elements and can convey false ambition to kids. Marie comes from an Egyptian immigrant family and is a prominent lawyer in Canada. The board has also criticized her stance in the recent case of sexual assault accusing CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. 

For Nadia`s event, which was scheduled for February, the board said that her opinions and past life events can promote Islamophobia on campus and hurt the religious sentiments of their Muslim students. 

At this point, the TDSB decision is not merely about censorship. It is about the forced agenda of ‘Islamophobia’ placed on Canadian citizens to foster the global image of the country adjacent to Poland crises prevailing which leaves its citizens with no choice other than to be tolerant. 

On mass condemnation Ryan Bird, spokesperson of TDSB came to the media and said that it seems to be a misunderstanding. The decision of withdrawal of events is based solely on the nature of the books and does not concern the author`s personal lives. 

Many authors and official representatives took this to social media. Naomi Buck (Toronto-based writer) said, “However, this case seems to be very much about the authors, women who have done extraordinary things, and whose lives could offer high octane inspiration to young readers. The rejection of their books is effectively a rejection of complexity, and the world as it is.”

Canadian commentator Rex Murphy wrote, “For those with a cynical mind, and I am of course exempt from that failing, it might be concluded that equity departments hold existence for the sole purpose of contradicting their purpose. And, in particular, those within school boards have honed that skill to supernal perfection.”

The repercussions of this forced agenda will soon hamper the social balance among the Canadians who desire a society where one can exercise their individuality instead of striving for ‘herd immunity. When an apex body like the TDSB bows to Islamist sensitivity and Nadia Murad, a rape victim, is labelled as a potential threat to Islamist feelings, it's clear that Canada's freedom of speech is being jeopardized for political gain and comforting the country's so-called secular ideals.


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