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New York Times Admission Sparks New Interest in Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

The administration of Joe Biden has come under a renewed torrent of accusations over his younger son’s business activities in China and Ukraine. Republican members of the House of Representatives and the Senate have joined in a chorus of condemnation after the New York Times acknowledged that the data leaked from Hunter Biden’s laptop by a computer repair shop in Virginia was, in fact, attributable to Hunter Biden all along. The story was originally reported by the New York Post, a conservative news outlet. Facebook and Twitter created a firestorm of controversy by limiting and in some instances even censoring the Post’s story on grounds of misinformation. The leadership of the Democratic Party may be tempted to dismiss these allegations as just another iteration of “Hilary’s emails”, yet unlike Clinton’s email saga, the most recent reporting suggests that there is actually substance behind the charges against Hunter Biden.



Hunter Biden’s various commercial interests are not a new feature of the American political landscape. It was previously reported in December of 2020 that Hunter Biden was being investigated by the FBI for tax evasion. Prior to that, former President Trump’s second impeachment trial revolved intimately around Trump’s attempt to solicit damaging information against Joe Biden from the Ukrainian government. Those efforts, spearheaded by the former Mayor of New York turned Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, culminated when President Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine. This was done to pressure Kyiv into announcing that an investigation would be opened into Hunter Biden’s activities with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. President Trump additionally made a bizarre request that Ukraine hand over a “server” so to allegedly prove that Ukraine hacked the DNC (Democratic National Committee) in 2016. This conspiracy theory has been repeatedly disproven time and again.


The defense package which President Trump suspended, totalling around four hundred million USD, was eventually released after an anonymous whistleblower raised the alarm about President Trump’s efforts to solicit the help of a foreign government in manufacturing conspiracy fueled media coverage about his political opponents. Trump was eventually let off on these charges by the Republican-controlled Senate.


Now, some three years later, Hunter Biden’s influence peddling has come back to bite the current administration, generating a persistent political headache for the Biden White House. The allegations are simple enough to follow. Republican Party figures and politicians allege that Hunter Biden used his father’s position, first as Vice President and then as President, to aggrandize his business ventures and to work his way into corporate positions which he was unqualified to hold. The details of these deals, however, paint a less simple and far more complex entanglement of multiple firms, conglomerates, and government officials from across the globe. 


At the center of it all, is the Ukrainian energy company Burisma as well as a number of Chinese firms and interests which allegedly act in ways often counterproductive to American strategic interests. In 2016, one of Hunter Biden’s investment companies became involved in an effort to transfer the ownership of a cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) from an American mining company to a Chinese multinational. Cobalt is a “critical mineral”, a term used to describe the scarcity of any materials which are essential, even integral to how the modern global economic system operates. Cobalt is a necessary component found inside most batteries, yet relatively scarce owing to the DRC’s internal dysfunction and resultant security risks.


A New York Times report published in November last year detailed in great depth the factual background of the deal as well as the US State Department’s apparent concern about the transfer of American controlled critical assets to Chinese ownership. Some members of Congress have already begun to take steps in the direction of opening an investigation into the deal, potentially damaging President Biden’s credibility with voters in the coming midterms. The GOP (Grand Old Party) hopes to capitalize on Hunter Biden’s activities in order to paint President Biden as a corrupt leader interested only in enriching his family’s interests. Representative James Comers, who sits on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, issued a request earlier this year for any records dated from Barack Obama’s administration pertaining to the transfer “of control of this precious asset to a Chinese conglomerate”. 


As the election season in America gets underway, the incumbent Democratic Party will be hard-pressed on hot button issues such as school curriculums and criminal justice reform. Any investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities will only compound the Party’s frustration. The White House is in a period of transition, with Press Secretary Jen Psaki reportedly leaving her post for a position at MSNBC, making room for communications director Kate Bedingfield to step into Psaki’s former role. How the party manages to get on top of these allegations depends on how well Biden’s new communications team deals with unflattering news coverage. One thing is certain. Hunter Biden will be a forefront topic for this administration, at least until the midterm elections are decided. 

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