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Pillar of shame: is China trying to remove his black past?

Why in news? 

On Friday, a piece of news was broadcasted from China that the sculpture "pillar of shame " installed in Hong Kong University has been removed by China government.

The process of removing this pillar was done by the workers during the night and while removing this pillar, workers covered it with a large cloth and then cut it into medium pieces to move this sculpture easily. 

The design of this sculpture has a twisted body which depicts a painful situation.

This sculpture is related to the incident of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China in 1989. In this sculpture, Twisted Bodies narrates the painful story of thousands of people who were brutally killed by soldiers during the Tiananmen Square event. 


What is the pillar of shame? 

"The Pillar of Shame" is not a single pillar but a series of works which is created by Danish sculpture James Galschioet. This sculpture is present in different countries of the world like Mexico and Brazil.

It was erected in Hong Kong in 1997 during an annual candlelight vigil to commemorate the event. 

The length of this pillar is 8-meters (26-foot), which is common amongst all the sculptures made in its series of works. This pillar is made by using bronze, metal, and concrete.

Pillar of shame represents the crackdown which is a result of the demand of the Pro-Democracy event of 1989. This sculpture gives a message that the people of the future should never have to see such a cruel event which is a stigma in the name of humanity.


History of Tiananmen square 

Thousands of people stood in the streets in Tiananmen to demand more democracy in China, which was a direct rebellion of the CCP. The CCP did not like this at all and they brutally murdered the rebels.

Since this event, China somehow suppressed a small rebellion at a lower level so that such a big event never happens in the future.


Why has CCP done this? 

The reason for the removal of this sculpture by the Chinese government was that it does not want its people to remember this incident, so by removing this event from the mind of the Chinese people, there will be no negative thoughts for their government or no such rebellion will take place again. CCP does not want its people to be inspired to demand democracy. 

Since 2019, the Chinese government has crushed every big and small demonstration about democracy in Hong Kong, and the removal of this sculpture, which was remembered as the sacrifice of the people for the demand of democracy, has also been removed completely now.

Until 2019, there was a huge candlelight gathering that happened every year in Hong Kong in respect of innocent people who were killed in the Tiananmen Square event, but now China Government banned this event in the name of COVID-19 risks. If any person tries to perform this type of gathering, then the person gets immediately arrested by the Hong Kong authorities under the China National Security Law. 


What will be the action now?

The Hong Kong University stated that the sculpture was put in the university storage room. They will decide later what to do next with such legal advice. 

The artist of the sculpture told that he wanted to display this sculpture somewhere else and pursue legal actions immediately if China does not give his work back to him safely.

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