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Poland Is Strengthening Its Military


On 19th March 2023, the Ambassador of Poland in France, Jan Emerik Rosciszewski has spoken to a French broadcast LCI (La Chaîne Info) about the current situation that has developed in Ukraine. On the broadcast, the ambassador spoke about how Ukraine's independence will have an effect towards the cultural values in Poland and Europe. According to the translation from Gonzalo Lira's Twitter account, the Polish ambassador has spoken of Poland entering into conflict if Ukraine will not be capable of defending itself. This statement was later dismissed by the ambassador who noted that he did not mean it to be conflicting. 

The statement that was presented by the ambassador could indicate a much deeper meaning than its natural presence. If for instance, Ukraine would fall, Poland will be next in line that is willing to fight Russia. This could be understood as why it has slowly increased its army capability in -recent years. As said, Poland has been seen slowly increasing its presents in Ukraine by building camps and sending ‘aid’. -The Social Talks.

According to The Telegraph, the Polish army is embarking on its largest re-armament because of the growing threat that is being posed by neighbouring Russia. Poland has increased there spending by 4% more than NATO required GDP and it is planning to stock up with new weapons. The shopping list will be worth about $115 Billion by the end of 2035. Poland is planning to increase its army size to hold about 300,000 active personnel – The Telegraph.

The Polish army has not set up new recruitment centres across the nation for whom wish to be part of the army. Since 2008, there is no compulsory military service. People who joined the army in 2008 do it voluntarily and it has not changed ever since. The recruitment centres would attract newcomers in joining the armed forces. They will be trained towards the current equipment that the nation holds and the new ones that will come in recent years. 

There has been an increase in promotional videos that promote joining the army. It also shows the locations of the recruitment centres where people can sign up to be part of the ‘largest army’ in Europe -the Ministry of Defence of Poland.

However, there has been some speculation that in recent months, hundreds of Polish active personnel that have been already part of the army, have been slowly leaving their position. Talks of change in the army have been unsteady but no official confirmation can be found on this apart from telegram channels. 

PEW Research Center



Research Centre, 94% of the population who responded to the research have answered that they see Russia as a major threat. The dynamic shift towards Russia has been the cause of the Russian war with Ukraine. Poland's attitude within the last few decades has shifted from being a friendly state to being an unfriendly state. In terms of the relationship terms with the USA, it has been seen increasing every year. Many factors contribute to such behaviour, the increasing number of new political views that have been introduced since 1989 has contributed, to the co-operation among the states, the increase of economic development with the western nation and other attributes such as American Soft power ect. 

Pew Research Center

In recent weeks, the Russian television channel, Russia 1, has held a small discussion about the potential use of nuclear war. During the discussion, the presenter of the channel has said about Putin Plans that are current it has. The presenter spoke about Putin being in a good mood and that negotiations are still possible as Putin is in a ‘great mood’. The state-owned channel is another method of communicating messages to the rest of the word and showing the views of the ‘current’ Russian population. The western nation on the other hand is still not considering negotiant with Russia. Current escalations are still considered negotiable but can change if the wind blows in a different direction -Russia 1.

Edited by: Rhea Jimmy


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