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Poland's plans to build a military training field in Western Ukraine could lead to conflict

On 9th March 2023, Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova from the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation spoke at the briefing about Poland's involvement in the construction of a combat training centre in the Volyn Region. The spokeswoman pointed out the ‘creeping expansion’ of Poland into Ukrainian territory. 


Zakharova also noted that the construction of the camp will allow Warsaw to intentionally deploy its ‘Polish Volunteer Legions’ to the area which will help to monitor the activities and laws that are enforced in the Western territory of Ukraine- TASS.


According to a news report from 24th February 2023, the Defence Minister of Ukraine - Oleksiy Reznikov- asked for funding for the construction of a ‘Ukrainian military training centre’. The funds which were collected in Poland in 2022 were signed off with the ‘Return Alive" foundation which transferred the money to the construction of the camp. It was noted that the field camp would cost about 5 million Zloty (PLN), and will be built by the Polish company Lubawa S.A. which specializes in producing arms and hangers. –


The camp is alleged to fit 600 fighters, it will undetectable to bird's eye view and it will be covered using ‘special material'. The centre will consist of special generators, a hospital and a weapons depot. –


The funds were collected by Slawomir Sierakovskiy through the campaign ‘Buy Bayraktar for Ukraine’. The crowdfunding platform was located on where it was reported that more than 200,000 people helped to collect funds. The funds were originally designated for a drone but the Turkish company, Baykar, announced that it will transfer the ‘Bayraktar TB2 Strike Drone' to Ukraine for free – Daily Sabah.


Zakharova additionally pointed out that the construction of such a military base will be a legitimate target for Russia, meaning it will be struck if completed - Bnn Network


In addition to Poland helping to set up camp in Ukraine, it has also announced that it will be ready to ‘service and repair’ the tanks that will be supplied to Ukraine

Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszcza also has noted a shortage of spare parts which will be challenging for Poland to gain. As a result, the German defence industry will have to get involved and help solve this issue.


The tank hub will be established at the Bumar-Labędy plant in Poland, close to Ukraine. The plant will be servicing the tanks and overhauling the Leopard tanks in the country. Currently, most of the tanks are seen stationed at the Gdynia Port. – Noca News


If Poland continues supporting Ukraine, it may result in a conflict spurring over to Poland which can result in a larger-scale conflict that has not been seen since 1945. Zakharova added that the construction along with a few other factors is a sign of direct involvement in the conflicts


Zakharova noted that Poland is not bothered by the fact that it is seen as directly involved in the ongoing conflict, and is not questioned by anyone in Warsaw or Kyiv about the outcome that it could bring.

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