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Racism, Exclusion And Discrimination Equal Hate Crimes

One of the most important gifts grabbed throughout human path through their destinies is education. The right of having an appropriate healthy environment of education to each single person is not a demand in the developed world but a legislated request. Governments around the globe and international organizations as well, both are considering education is the ultimate solution for any developed community. However, taking this into considerations, they’re fully aware about there are millions around the globe excluded from having this right due to the failing system of their inhuman regimes. 

The education anxiety stands together with exclusion of other rights. Relatively, concerns of Social Crimes. When distributed in any social community, will assist in the overall communities’ collapse, and end up into the process of a regime failure in order and control. Conspiracy Theorists believe that governments practice solid role in keeping deteriorated situation to sustain its existence with the help of other upper hand nations. In more elaboration, dictatorships throughout history kept an iron fist in governing states over the power of the people on one hand.

On the other hand, the International Community looked the other way over witnessing great looting of human rights. For instance, totalitarian regime of North Korea is actively violating every single basic right of humanity creating an enormous notoriously prison for its citizens by murdering whoever trying to leave the country.  Some might argue that leaders of the Free World are consistently practicing more pressure over such regimes through more condemning declarations on one level and on another which is much powerful, more sanctions to be applied.

Although such actions are working positively on the political stage, human rights are still in critical condition. Yet, they are already the first to be affected by these sanctions and the last to be healed from it eventually. This process is mostly what oppressed people go through every time there is a dictator leaves by a revolution, invasion, assassination, or a duplicated coup. The query which remains in the mind of regular ordinary excluded people is, there must be a new forced combating action towards the constant violation to protect human rights.

Discrimination, unfortunately, is not considered a hate crime. It’s only a matter of racism. Individuals who proved to be involved in raciest behaviors are rarely touched legally. Globally, the numbers of people who suffered exclusion and demand their right of equality are few. Hence, discussing the issue of exclusion any group of people is a must. The outcomes must also be incorporated each time from its dissident from political discourses and written to determine the excluding of any group as less than human


This kind of discussing vital issue, leads to generating positive opinions, which own insights to protect human rights violations. Furthermore, develop a comprehensive human perspective point of view. Which is also managed through well-structured and clear narration to human rights field and exclusion rights as well; are the aims and the objectives of portraying to inform the public.  



The term “Exclusion” might be described and related to a response coming from certain behavior, belief, or even an indigenous thought. Perhaps the followed action is justified when countering aggressive or violent active attitude which threatens people lives. For instance, the United States based “White Supremacy or White Nationalists” militant groups, dissidents originally from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) whose members are consistently aiming to fulfill their illogical purposes and already charged with several crimes of civil rights violations.

Although these groups are directly involved with a range of hate crimes against stabilized peaceful societies, the US government official reaction guarantees the legal permission for such groups to be existed. This is happening with the complete official awareness of the amount of threat and harm such groups are producing to the local social societies in the first place and the world eventually. Merely imprisoning few convicted members for short periods represents the US government controlling image, while the actual movement still operates outside prison with their members holding heavy weapons and conducting free shoot trainings during the day. 

Obviously, the reasonable act to combat any negative White Supremacy outcomes would be powerful using exclusion right. Not to mention applying Social Psychological classes for reconciliation process. The impact brought to the public safety then, would arise directly after the phase of issuing laws that banes their legal existence. Moreover, approaching this phase requires mobilizing the social elements derived from each local community.


Judgmental Era

The raising number of hate crimes recorded across the world tells how these dangerous outrageous behaviors have always been inhuman acts which have accelerated rapidly during the years. What makes a person decide to exclude other person’s human rights based on his skin color, race, religion, nationality, or gender; is basically a retarded way of thinking in what so called our civilized knowledgeable twenty first era. As a matter of fact, racism exists in different forms and signs which might be quite hard to be discovered initially by the victims.

Unfortunately, there are several exposed signs and events of exclusion and hidden ones as well. In the field of International Relations, exclusion exists when group of nations decides to vote against a certain issue proposed by a member of the Security Council based on aligns and conglomerates without paying attention to the pros or the cons originating from such decision, while taking serious reactions towards others impacted within the First World members.  

Additionally, when the United Nations members’ freezes from reacting over vital situations of events which threatens certain people lives’ such as Torture, bombing of innocents, Arbitrary Arrests or Forced Concealments and only declares condemnation reports; that’s an official discrimination to the victims and way of racism and exclusion. The Palestinian Israeli conflict, the Syrian Crisis, the Yemeni deteriorated situation, the Iranian and the North Korean nuclear weapons outcomes; all are examples of constant issues that cause a direct exclusion impact over innocents.


Chaos of Rights and Laws

Another notorious way of exclusion that usually lives in every nation around the globe comes from labels of patriotism. Accusations of betrayals to the nation, the Constitution or in some cases to the Army’s Dignity, could lead the accused to lifetime imprisonment or to a legalized execution. The shocking fact is the political aspect in some countries are actively utilizing such accusations and distribute them among citizens to keep the current state of dominant control.

As there is a global demand to apply and respect human rights for everyone on any nation around the globe, there also must be a global demand for the right of exclusion. how governments predicted to react over hate crimes that threatens and destabilize the civil society should be an amount of freedom for conducting exclusion in response to the behaviour of certain groups. This is not a call for permitting actions of racism, rather a way of guarantee to keep protecting the peaceful environment of living for citizen. It’s a call for taking the similar official response towards the intentions and the plans of terrorist groups

Nowadays, due to the current humanitarian crisis in several poor and unprivileged countries fight to restore its freedom for having a suitable and appropriate justified lifestyle, humanity concerns are deteriorating by time.


Religious Exclusion

Religious liberty is a fundamental component of any society. The separation between the state and the worshiping places is what makes the foundation of any civilized nation. Throughout history, many colonists were seeking religious tolerance and the freedom of worshipping God. There might be a distinguishing side for some states to declare no official religion nor prevent anyone to practice their own believes. In modern states, there is an agreement that educators can teach about religion in the context of history but can’t preach its tenants or believes. The founders of these opinions based on their experiences with their ancestors and their own believes managed to forge governments whose freedom of religion is important as it would be in the future. Yet, freedom of religion continues to be one of the most important liberties that make any civilization prospers. Despite the existence of many atheists around the world, there is an internal desire shared among all humans on the planet about the supreme power of God. It’s crucial for our souls to walk without having spiritual belief for what’s coming after this life. For how long each one of us will stay on this phase? The question might be frightening and mandatory at the same time. Trying to imagine the unknown creates curiosity. 

Having faith plays a vital role into humankinds’ journey.  All sacred books and religions called for peace and keeping calm in dealing with our differences and managing our time in this life through the way of worshipping its creator. States have the right to declare the official religion followed internally through the constitutions. They also preserve the right of expressing and practicing other religions for the believers who are living on its territories. 

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