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Referendum in Mexico: The Mexican President retains power

In recent changes, the Mexican president has retained power in a recall vote.  The people held a referendum on whether the president should retain his post.  The left-wing president himself was a supporter of the vote, showing confidence in retaining power.  With a vote share of more than 60%, the president can remain in office for the remainder of his term. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the recall vote, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.The ruling left, however, has sought to respond to the allegations by explaining that the exercise was aimed at increasing democratic accountability and examining public opinion on whether the government was responding appropriately to their demands and demands.

The banter between the ruling party and the opposition

There has been a lot of anger between the ruling party and the opposition over the recall vote.  Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections in order to fool the people in the name of democratic accountability.  Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections, saying “even if the withdrawal vote was carried out to oust the president, it would not be held in a court of law because the vote was too small to be legally binding.”  Therefore, even if President Andres Manuel Lopez loses power in a referendum, he will not be legally forced to resign.  Opposition groups called for a boycott of the polls.  Earlier, the president himself had expressed concern over the functioning of the electoral system and accused it of colluding with the opposition.  Although the ruling party’s leader, Mario Delgado, has backed the referendum, saying only leaders with indomitable and unwavering personalities can be the victims of such practices, the withdrawal vote shows the president’s confidence in his work.

Political Implications

Despite the criticism, the recall vote has strengthened the position of the president and his party in the country’s political domain.  Moreover, the victory in the confidence vote provided the President with an assurance of the people’s consent to his measures, many of which are controversial.  Rising drug-related violence, rising living costs, and high levels of poverty are some of the issues the government is currently tackling, and its key policy changes in tackling them have drawn widespread criticism from experts.  Opposition groups called the recall a “costly and useless exercise” to divert public attention from the issue.

  Some political analysts even say that such a referendum is a harbinger for the president to extend his term.  However, the president and his spokesmen have categorically denied the allegations, saying such an act would be a heinous murder of the country’s democracy.


The Mexican president has retained his position at the helm of the country, however, his reign is dealing with a very fragile economy with the advent of COVID 19 and a bad state of law and order due to the rising drug-related crimes. These need to be tackled effectively to maintain the goodwill of the government.

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