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Reigniting pride celebrations around the world

In the changing scenario, where COVID appears to be fading, the economy is beginning to revive; travel agencies are ready to welcome visitors. With all of these changes, many social and cultural events can now be seen on the horizon. It's time to go out, enjoy the sun, and attend outdoor events worldwide. Gay Pride, an annual gathering of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) community, is one such interesting global event. 


On April 1, most Gay Pride 2022 events will commence around the world. The peak season for events in many different places around the globe is usually from June to November. In the United States, June is primarily recognized as Pride Month, and there are numerous pride celebrations. The holiday season is quickly approaching, which calls for exploring festivals to promote LGBTQ groups and planning to enjoy the festive mood. The two crucial days for the community are International Transgender Day, celebrated on March 31, and Lesbian Visibility Day, observed on April 26.


Gay Pride is a celebration of people displaying their Pride and supporting LGBTQ people and the community as an expression of their collective identity. The event is also known as the Pride Parade, LGBT Pride, LGBTQ Pride, and Pride. LGBTQ people and allies celebrate recognizing their rights, societal acceptance, and equality.


Over the years, Pride Marches have evolved into much more joyful gatherings, incorporating celebration, protest, and political activity on a broader scale with people from all walks of life, organizations, and businesses worldwide. 


People wearing extravagant make-up, rainbow-themed costumes, and flags are seen marching down the street. Rainbow flags are always displayed at the event, and their many colors signify the LGBTQ community's diversity and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender. The design is slightly distinct, and several flag variations have evolved and been used over time. Corporations have also embraced the rainbow motif in items, and Pride has become a brand day for commercial interests.


Many businesses participating in pride celebrations boost pride events, but it also produces "Rainbow Capitalism," which commodifies LGBT cultures. It is debatable if it serves its true purpose of Pride and who benefits the most. Their endeavor to spread a great message will carry on indefinitely. So let's witness how they change the globe shortly. 


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