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Rishi Sunak continues to top the charts in the UK PM race

The race to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom has narrowed down to three candidates, as the fourth round of voting by Conservative MPs saw Rishi Sunak emerge as the front-runner, with 118 votes compared to Jeremy Hunt’s 44 and Michael Gove’s 37 votes, according to Times of India. The remaining six contenders are yet to be eliminated in this round, but given that they have yet to garner more than five votes each, their chances look bleak.

Rishi Sunak goes from strength to strength

Rishi Sunak is continuing to top the charts in the race to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In the fourth round of voting, he garnered 118 votes from Conservative MPs, putting him ahead of his nearest rivals, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt. The contest is now down to three candidates, and it looks like Sunak is in a solid position to win. However, just over one month until the winner is announced, anything can happen.

Who else is doing well?

In the fourth round of voting, Boris Johnson received 111 votes, Michael Gove got 78, and Jeremy Hunt came in last with 54. The leadership contest has now been narrowed down to three candidates. Sunak continues to be the favorite, but Johnson and Gove are not far behind. It will be interesting to see how this contest plays out in the coming weeks. I'm a little surprised by Hunt's low ranking; maybe it's because he doesn't have any experience as a Prime Minister. I don't know if he'll get many more votes in the future rounds; he's so low on the list now that it may be hard for him to make up ground again.

The running for second place

The race for second place is heating up, with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove both receiving strong support. However, Rishi Sunak continues to top the charts, with 118 votes in the fourth round of voting. The leadership contest is now down to three candidates, and it is anyone's guess who will come out on top. All that can be said is that any candidate would make a great Prime Minister, given how they have conducted themselves thus far.

What about Michael Gove?

Michael Gove, who is currently in third place with 61 votes, has been a controversial figure in the past. In 2016, he was one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign and was widely criticized for his role in it. However, he has been praised for his work as Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. He is seen as a competent politician and is respected by many. It is still unclear whether or not he will be able to garner enough support to win the leadership contest. Some believe that because of the dirty tricks during the Brexit campaign, it would be hard for him to get back into the hearts of British voters. Others have said that this might benefit him, citing Donald Trump's election to U.S President. Whatever happens, Michael Gove's future career prospects are up in the air and cannot be predicted until after this leadership contest.

Andrea Leadsom is a dark horse.

Andrea Leadsom, who her fellow candidates have largely overshadowed, is starting to emerge as a dark horse in the race for UK Prime Minister. In the fourth round of voting, she received 117 votes, just one vote behind Rishi Sunak. With only three candidates remaining, anyone's guess who will come out on top. Leadsom is known for her brexiBrexitd stance, and her support among Brexiteers could give her an edge in the final rounds of voting. Her chances of becoming Prime Minister are looking more promising than ever before.


What’s next?

The final round of voting is set to take place on Thursday, with the winner being announced later that day. Whoever wins will need to secure the support of at least half of the MPs to become Prime Minister.

It is still unclear who will come out on top, but it is clear that Rishi Sunak is a strong contender. The race has narrowed down to three candidates, and it is anyone’s guess who will be victorious. Amber Rudd's name was thrown into the mix late last night after being rejected by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. Rumors are swirling that she could potentially win the race. 

It's also possible that Boris Johnson might find his way back into power after having stepped down from his position for one term only to watch Theresa May make mistakes he would not have made himself. But how does he feel about Brexit? 

Sajid Javid is another possibility for Prime Minister, with some Conservative MPs believing he might even win without having a large number of votes due to his recent success story as Home Secretary for introducing an end-to-end review of police stop and search powers following concerns about disproportionality.


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