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Russia Pushing Ukraine Out Of Bakhmut

Bakhmut is one of the longest assaults that Russia has been doing on Ukraine. For the past few months, many troops have died in the city from both sides.

Russia has mounted a renewed assault on the city with increased artillery fire over the past few days.

The Wagner group and the Russian MoD have improved their cooperation. This was not seen previously for the past few months as the forces lacked ammunition on the front and, in some cases, some troops that would cover the flanks. Now as cooperation has improved, the logistics of supplying such ammunition and communication between the army and mercenary forces have improved.

Ukrainian forces, on the other hand, are facing a resupply issue in the city. This is due to the surrounding of the Russian forces around the city, which is going to result in fewer safe roots for the Ukraine army to supply its troops. This issue is one of the reasons forcing the Ukraine army to withdraw and allow Russia to push their army out of the city.

The Ukraine forces are still holding the western side of the city but the area that they are holding is slowly shrinking. The result of artillery fire over the past few days has allowed the Russian forces to advance while the Ukraine forces took cover and moved back. 

At the same time, the Wagner units are advancing within the city and are being supported by the Russian paratroopers. Paratroopers are one of the key units in Bakhmut for the Russian forces as they allow them to position their men in logistic areas which are going through the meatgrinder. Much more dangerous as the troops can get shot out from the sky, it is much more flexible and can land in a direct position that normal infantry cannot reach.

If the city is captured fully by Russia, it would be considered to be a major victory for the Russian army as it will help with boosting the morals of troops and show progress to the Russian people. Moscow says it would open more roads in continuing their ‘special operation’ and capturing more territory.

The leaked Pentagon documents also played a part in allowing Ukraine to organise a withdrawal from the region. With knowledge of where the troops are located, it allowed Russia to rethink its strategy of how it would handle the situation, dismissing the fog of war for a brief moment.

Edited by: Rhea Jimmy

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