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Russia strikes missiles attack on Lviv Ukraine, Four dead.

Russia fired yet another attack on the city of Lviv, Ukraine with their cruise missiles on Thursday, July 6 which led to the death of at least 4 people in the apartment building. The mayor of Lviv is to believe this was the most destructive attack on the western side of the country since the Russian-Ukrainian war that was initiated by the former more than 16 months ago. 

Maksym Kozytskyi, the head of Regional Military Administration has reported 21 and 95 as the ages of the youngest and the oldest victim amongst the dead. 

Writing in a telegram, he said that the youngest girl was just 21. "Russia is killing our youth. Our future."

The old lady who was 95 had survived World War 2, but unfortunately, died from Russian terrorists that had been spreading in their nation.

The attack destroyed the building's roof and two top floors, injuring 34 people. A young girl in the building woke up due to a sudden explosive sound and found herself knee-deep into rubber. With great difficulty, she escaped. However, only to find her mother hit by a ceiling, She got out through the window and cried for help for half an hour until someone rescued her. Her mother was found dead. 

The Russian army had fired cruise missiles of 10 Kalibr more than 800 kilometres away at around 1 a.m. Thursday from their carriers and submarines that had been in the Black Sea. Seven missiles were intercepted by military forces, others hitting apartment complexes and other sites. 

This is the largest attack on Lviv’s civilian infrastructure since the beginning of the full-scale invasion,” Andriy Sadovyi, the city’s mayor, said in a video posted on Twitter. He is shown amongst the destruction that Russian missiles created which included wrecked cars, broken building walls, and streets that were full of destruction of debris. The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, said around 60 apartments and 50 cars in the area were damaged. He also announced to the public two days of official mourning of Ukraine following the attacks.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has promised a very strong response to Russia on Twitter. 

During the earlier times of the war, Lviv had been a main transit point and offered shelter to millions of refugees from different parts of the nation who wished to cross the European border to stay safe from the war area. Thousands of Ukrainians have found safety in this city. 

Even though the city of Lviv had experienced major side effects of wartime in winter when Russia targeted Ukraine's energy system, it was only limited to power outages. The missile attacks were not a frequent event in the western part of the nation. Hence, Thursday's strike has been a great surprise for everyone, including analysts and personnel who are identifying why the Russians are 'changing their course' and what their future tactics are. 

The Ukrainian Army has been constantly supporting its people. They had alerted fire alarms throughout the city as a signal to remain in safe shelters immediately after they got information of missiles being on their way onto their safe homes.

The Ukrainian public shares their support continuously through various tweets. 






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