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Russian Frigate Struck by Ukrainian Missiles

The Russian frigate “Admiral Makarov” has appeared online burning at sea, in grainy and low quality footage. According to The Independent, the ship was sailing off the coast of Snake Island, site of the war’s opening salvo,  when it was struck by several Ukrainian anti-ship missiles (ASM).  The Words“Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself'' now are rallying cry for Ukrainians across the whole country. 


The Admiral Makarov is an Admiral Grigorovich class frigate, a highly advanced naval platform with modern fire control systems and an onboard electronic countermeasure suite. The Ukrainian military says that the Makarov was struck by Neptune anti-ship missiles, making the Makarov the second major Russian naval asset to fall prey to the Neptune. The Moskva, Russia’s Black Sea Flotilla’s flagship, was notably sunk with two Neptune ASMs in April. The Neptune ASM is an indigenously produced missile by the Ukrainian defense industry, far more advanced than most western ASM systems,  


Public acknowledgments of US involvement in the sinking of the Moskva came only a few days ago. According to the BBC, the US gave Ukraine actionable intelligence which was used to locate and eventually sink the behemoth Russian warship. There have been no indications in the western press that the US had provided intelligence for this latest attack, although the presumption remains present among the minds of Russian military planners. 


The Admiral Grigorovich class frigates carry Kalibr cruise missiles, which have peppered the skies of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Even if the Admiral Makarov is not sunk, the damage done to its hull is significant and extensive. It is estimated that the ship will be put into port at Sevastopol for repairs. As such, the Ukrainian’s have successfully knocked out of commission a guided missile frigate which has wreaked havoc on civilian population centers in Ukraine. 


According to western intelligence sources, Russia is aiming to mount a massive counter offensive in the south and east of the country. This counter offensive will coincide with Moscow’s Victory Day Parade in Red Square, as well as the potential establishment of the Kherson People’s Republic. Ukraine has once again reminded Russia that the presumption of its military superiority cannot be relied on and that it expectant counter offensive will have to operate without shore support from the Russian Navy. 

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